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Captain’s Mast

What is Captain's Mast?

A mast is a non-judicial disciplinary hearing. A mast in the army is when a captain is involved in the decision making of the outcome of the court cases that involve military personnel that are in their command. Captains Mast basically is the commanding officer must inquire about the facts in an offence that is committed by a member of his command. Many times when someone in the military has committed a crime and need to appear before the captain’s mast, they often have unanswered questions. When people are faced with situations like this, they can ask the military Experts for advice. Listed below are five of the top captain’s mast questions.

If a sailor is waiting on a Captains Mast for over 10 weeks due to a ARI, and has been expelled from school, is there any way to expedite the Captains Mast?

Ten weeks is a very long to have to wait for this kind of matter. If the individual is not attending school then the Navy could make their decision on what they need to do. The individual could talk to their chain of command if they have not done that yet.

Can someone with a Captains Mast be given an OTH without a admin board

They cannot hold the individual past his or her enlistment for the reason of executive release. They would need to present the individual with a type-warranted, generally a respectable release. The individual will need to keep on working with the PSD until discharged.

If someone forged a sick in quarters chit and was charged with false official statement what should they do?

If the individual is at fault and they know that the hearing will have no issue with showing that the individual is at fault at a court-martial, then Article 15 is the way to go, as the highest penalty is much smaller at Captain's Mast. Fake authorized report is "lying" and if the individual obtains a court-martial created of quite a lot of officers, they will think about a fake chit to be "vile" and they may simply max the individual out. If the individual goes to Captain's Mast, be extremely apologetic.

If someone is getting kicked out of the Navy for racism, received a Captains Mast reduction in rank, can they over turn the discharge.

A Captain's Mast does not have the authority to inflict a release as part of the non-judicial penalty. Here is a helpful site with additional information: The individual should consult with the closet JAG officer as soon as possible.

What are chances of getting re enlistment and discharge changed if dd214 says other than honorable and RE4 for drug abuse with a clean urine test?

DD Form 293 is a hard procedure to win. The individual will need to demonstrate a firm foundation for altering the original standing of the release, for example, constructive life adjustment or definitive evidence that the original standing was unfair. If the DD Form 293 procedure is hard, the DD Form 149 procedure is even harder. There actually was not ever an arrangement for improving RE codes and the DD Form 149 board gets stuck with doing it. They almost by no means agree to this demand except if the individual could confirm some unfairness in the original RE code categorization.

Captain’s Mast is very complicated topics. It can span one question after another. There are additional questions that could come up. Such as: non-judicial punishment and Captain’s Mast.
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