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Canon 60D Camera Related Questions

Do you need to change the language settings on your Canon 60D? What does the ‘error code 70’ signify? This camera is considered an intermediate model making it simple to use and easy to teach yourself photography. It is one of the best digital single lens reflex (SLR) models available. When problems arise with it or if you have questions regarding its use, ask Experts to get information and answers. Read below where Experts have answered a few questions and problems related to the Canon 60D

What are some of the features of a Canon 60D camera?

This camera is protected by a weather and dust seal. The sensors on this camera are much larger and have the ability to capture more light. With an 18 megapixel capacity it can handle over 5 frames per second in burst mode. It has a flip-out screen with the option of using interchangeable and versatile lenses. It also has an option to upgrade the lenses to expand your range of photography. This camera is suitable for a beginner as well as for advanced users.

What can be done if the Canon 60D camera’s LCD flashes when it is turned on?

Begin by removing the battery from the camera. Press and hold the ‘On/Off’ button for one minute and release it. While the battery is out, clean the terminals in the compartment and remove the memory card if there is one present. Replace a fully charged battery and try using another memory card. These actions help reset the camera after which you can check whether it starts working fine or not. If the problem persists, it is most likely a defective circuit on the Canon 60D’s control board which can be an expensive repair.

What does the ‘Error 70’ code signify on the Canon 60D camera?

Error code 70 is related to an issue being detected with the data captured or written onto the memory card. This can be a simple memory card error or more complicated. Sometimes the problem is related to a malfunction within the mirror, shutter, aperture mechanism disturbance or lockup. Though the error code does not indicate the exact problem, the issue is usually mechanical rather than electronic. Many times the small rubber bumper becomes loose and lodged within the shutter mechanism. This requires complete disassembling of the Canon 60D to either repair or replace the shutter. Prior to doing so, you can first try a different card. If this does not help, the camera may need factory service which is an extensive job that should be carried out by qualified professionals at an authorized Canon repair center.

How can I change the language to English on the Canon 60D camera?

Below is the button sequence to change the language to ‘English.’

  1. Engage Program or ‘P’ mode on the mode dial and power on the camera.
  2. Press ‘Menu.’
  3. Press the right yellow key till the second yellow tab (there are three yellow tabs and the middle one should be selected).
  4. Press the down arrow twice to highlight the third option on this tab and then press the center ‘Set’ button behind the Canon 60D.
  5. At this section, you should see 25 different languages in three columns. It is easy to identify this tab as it is the only section with so many options. ‘English’ should be the first choice on the first column, right on top.
  6. Highlight the ‘English’ language and press ‘Ok’ making the camera language switch to English.

Why does message 'EOS settings can be altered' only show when the Canon 60D is connected to the computer with a USB lead?

First, to determine whether this is a setting issue or something else, revert the camera to factory default settings. Clearing settings does not affect your stored images and custom functions. It only reverts all shooting, playback and other main camera settings to default. You should avoid the ‘Format’ option in the setup menu as this can delete your images. Restoring to default is done by putting the camera on program mode, accessing the menu and at the last setup tab, near the bottom, select the option ‘Clear all camera settings.’ This does not affect the custom functions just the main camera settings. After doing so, connect the camera and access the memory card using only windows. This is done by connecting it, powering it on and following the below steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Start’ button and then ‘My Computer.’
  2. Here a removable disk should be visible under devices with removable storage.
  3. Click on the removable disk option to find a folder inside called ‘DCIM.’
  4. Inside this should be folders with names such as ‘100Canon’, ‘101Canon’ and so on which contain your pictures.

Are there any precautions or repercussions while attaching a non-Canon flash to a Canon 60Dcamera?

Yes there are certain precautions while using non-Canon flash units with the EOS 60D that are listed below:

  1. A flash unit which needs over 250 V should not be connected to the camera’s PC terminal.
  2. A high voltage flash unit may not work on the Canon 60D’s horse-shoe.
  3. A flash unit of a different brand can result in malfunction or improper functioning.

Listed above are some of the problems faced with the Canon 60D. With the guidance of Experts, users are able to take informed troubleshooting steps and decisions regarding their camera problems. If you too are facing a similar or different issue with your Canon 60D and need answers, ask verified Experts online. They can provide information and solutions quickly and affordably, from the comfort of your home. 

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