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Cannula Infection Questions

There are about eleven different cannula devices. These are flexible tubes that are inserted in the body in order to help many different medical treatments. Common treatments that implement the use of these tubes are IV (Intravenously) and nasal treatments. The IV cannula is used to help extract blood from the veins as well as to insert medicine and other fluids. There are a few complications that can arise from this form. However, there is not as much complications with the nasal cannula. This device works in a different way and it is used to infiltrate oxygen when breathing support is needed. A horseshoe shaped end is place inside the nose, and the other end of the cannula is inserted into an oxygen tank. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding Cannula devices.

What can be done if oxygen cannula is uncomfortable?

At times oxygen cannulas can cause discomfort, but there are a few things that can help. If the discomfort is because of the straps that holds the device in place, then slipping a cloth between the straps and the face can help. When this method doesn’t work, some find that a change in oxygen delivery is needed. A portable oxygen tank is often the way for the patient to breathe and move freely without having a device strapped to their face. Another option is a nasal cannula which is a small two prong device that is inserted in the nose.

How long can head cannula pain last? What are some symptoms that follow this pain?

There can be some pain or discomfort when a cannula is inserted into the head during surgery. Generally, there will be an immediate decrease of pain when it is removed. Some soreness from the surgery can take some time to resolve. Generally, cannulas are used in surgery on the head to release any pressure built up in the cranial or frontal lobe. Therefore, this pressure has the ability to cause discomfort and it can remain for some time. There are some symptoms that can be experienced that individuals should take serious. Seek immediate medical attention when experiencing any of the following symptoms:
• Fever
• Redness in the area the cannula was inserted
• Irritation
• Drowsiness
• Vomiting
• Double vision
• Or persistent headache

Can cannulas cause Thrombophlebitis?

Thrombophlebitis is a condition that can occur after the use of an IV injection or cannulas. Inflammation can occur either from the insertion of these devices or the medications that they are meant to deliver. However, it is not uncommon for lumps or swollen vessels to occur after a cannula has been taken out. At times it can take months for the site to normalize. A lesser form of this condition is called Superficial Thrombophlebitis which is where inflammation of the veins located just beneath the skin is present. Often this can resolve within 2 to 6 weeks; however, there are a few steps that should be taken to ease the pain of this condition such as anti-inflammatory medications which can lessen inflammation. Over-the-counter Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug(s) (NSAIDs) such as Ibuprophen which can also help reduce inflammation and help ease pain. Form-fitted stockings or wraps can be useful to help support and relieve discomfort. However, individuals should consult a physician if the infection persists as antibiotics would often be needed.

Can a nostril cannula cause an eye infection?

Although there is no evidence that proves nostril cannulas is linked to eye infections, there are a few rare cases that suggest an indirect link. For instance, if a device has fallen from the nose it can blow oxygen into the eye. In this case, it can be blowing dirt and other particles into the eyes as well as lead to an infection.

How is a cannula used during liposuction?

A cannula is an important part of a liposuction procedure. After anesthesia, the surgeon uses a small suction device that is attached to a cannula tube. This tube is inserted into a small incision between the skin and muscle where the fatty area is found. The other end of this tube is hooked to a vacuum pump or a syringe which removes the excess fat. This then travels from the body through the cannula and into a pump or syringes where it can be discarded.

A cannula is a tube that is used for many different treatments. It can be used to help deliver oxygen to those with breathing issues as well as being used intravenously to deliver medications and fluids. Often a cannula is used in surgical procedures as a way to release pressure that is built up. While cannulas are often beneficial, these procedures have a slight risk of irritation and infection. When questions arise regarding this tube, individuals should ask an Expert to receive reliable and professional answers.
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