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Questions about Canned Food for Dogs

There are many myths when it comes to canned dog food. If there are any safe canned foods out there that you can feed your dog without the dog getting diarrhea. There are actually many healthy canned foods out there; you may have to try a few to see which one will settle with your dog’s stomach. For more information regarding canned food for dogs you can read below where the Experts have answered many frequently asked questions.

Is it okay to feed canned dog food to a 16 pound Chihuahua?

If your dog is in its middle ages the dog can be at risk of thyroid problems. This can slow the metabolism so that diets may not work. A dog that is overweight may be at high risk of diabetes. Most dog owners do not check the label on their dog’s food; canned dog food is about 80 percent water. The water in the canned dog food contains fat and vitamins, most are canned foods are high in fat. Probably the best thing for a do that is overweight would be to feed the dog small amounts of food frequently throughout the day. This can help speed up the dog’s metabolism, which can help the dog lose weight.

How much dry food and canned food should a 45 pound 5 month old dog eat?

It can be very hard to know the perfect amount that the dog should be eating when you mix to different kinds of food. Now if you were only feeding your dog dry food the serving would be about 1 to 1 ½ cups of food about every 12 hours. If you were only going to feed your dog canned food then you might try 1 ¼ to 1 ½ cans about every 12 hours. Since you want to mix the food together then the total of the dog’s daily food intake should not exceed the amounts above.

What can you feed a dog that will not eat its regular canned food or anything else?

You may try feeding your dog a much more balanced diet rather than a fattening meal such as canned dog food. You may try ground lamb, lamb roast or roasted turkey or even chicken, these are very suitable meals for a dog. You can diced these meats up and mix them with either brown or white rice, you may want to do this in even proportions.

What can be done to resolve diarrhea which is a result of feeding a dog canned dog food?

You can help settle your dog’s stomach down many different ways. You can try giving your dog a dose of pepcid A.C. depending on the size of the dog the pill come in 10mg, 20mg, and 40mg. You can give this to the dog around every 12 hours; the dosage is 0.5mg for every pound the dog weighs. There is prilosec it also come in 10mg and 20mg tables this is usually given every 24 hours and the same dosage is given. The most common to settle a dog’s stomach is Pepto-Bismol this can normally be given to a dog around every 8 hours. The standard dose is 1ml for every pound the dog weighs, but that would be all that the dog could have all day. So you could break that up throughout the day.

Is it okay to feed a dog only canned food?

It typically is fine to feed your dog only canned food. You may need to make sure that the kind of canned dog food you are giving your dog is healthy for the dog. There are many types of canned dog food that have a completely nutritionally balanced diet for a dog; these should not give your dog diarrhea if the dog is used to eat canned food. If you are concerned about your dogs teeth rotting that happens with any food that you feed a dog, which is why brushing your dog’s teeth is very important. You can also use dental treats, and dental chew sticks to help keep the dogs mouth clean.

When trying to pick the perfect diet for your dog it can be stressful. Knowing which brand to choose how much the dog needs fed and many other concerns. Many dog owners do not know how important a well balanced diet is for a dog. If you need more information on canned food for dogs you can contact the Experts for reliable answers.
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