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Audi Camshaft Problems

Audi camshafts and Audi (CMP) sensors are generally quite reliable. Experts say Audi camshaft position sensor replacement, may occur quite rarely, even if the car were to be involved in a minor accident or due to regular wear and tear. In the event the replacement is necessary, it is relatively a simple fix as well as inexpensive. Audi camshaft replacements, on the other hand can be more complex and expensive.

To know more about similar problems faced with Audi camshafts, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

What is the role of an Audi camshaft sensor on an Audi A4 Quattro 2.8L?

The role of the Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP) is to provide the Audi camshaft position information referred to as the CMP signal. This information is needed by the Power train Control Module (PCM) for fuel synchronization. In case of two wire sensor engines, the distributor stator or Camshaft Position sensor (CMP) is generally a single hall-effect magnetic switch, activated by a single vane and driven by the Audi camshaft. On three wire sensor engines, the Audi camshaft sensor can be a variable reluctance sensor which is triggered by the high-point mark on one of the Audi camshaft sprockets. Audis with a distributor engine do not tend to use a separate Audi camshaft sensor. They utilize a traditional distributor installed with a Hall Effect device meant for this function. If there are intermittent wiring connections or faulty signals to the EMS, the related symptoms are as follows:

  • Extended crank time with a cold engine
  • Intermittent rough running
  • Unstable idle
  • Bucking
  • Hesitation
  • Stumble
  • Chuggle
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Stalling on acceleration

Where is the Audi camshaft located on the Audi All Road Quattro? 

Case details and additional question: It is a 2003 model, 2.7L engine. Also, is there a need for an alignment once the wheel bearing/hub assembly is replaced?

Typically there are two Audi camshaft position sensors (CMP), one at the front of the right head and one at the rear of the left head the CMP. There may not be a need for alignment after the wheel bearing or hub replacement. The control arms are not adjustable. Hence none of the components need to be “moved” during replacement. If this is an Audi camshaft problem, usually CMP sensor codes (P0341/P0346) are displayed. The reason for this could be that the timing belt is off physically.

How much would it cost to replace the Audi camshaft adjuster because of a ticking noise from the engine?

The Audi camshaft adjuster is also referred to as the cam chain tension. More than likely owners may not find just the camshaft adjusters online because they are dealer items only. The Audi camshaft adjuster also contains the solenoid will be needed all as one component. The cost however would be based on location, and it would be an additional amount to install it since the average labor time required. Usually the camshaft replacement takes about 11 hours.

Are Audi All-road (2004 model, 2.7T V6) camshaft replacements common?

There are chances where replacement is needed on APB/BEL engine camshafts due to worn out lobes, however problems with the sealing area of the Audi camshafts usually are not common. This is the case unless this area was damaged at the time of cam seal removal. To address this problem the entire Audi camshaft may need to be replaced.

Audi camshaft troubleshooting may involve various smaller components such as the Audi camshaft position sensor or the Audi camshaft adjuster. The symptoms and problems related to these components can vary as well as their repairs and costs. Owners will need to understand the problem they are facing with the Audi camshaft and the possible solutions. This is where Experts in this field can pitch in with their knowledge and expertise to provide options or answers to the particular problems.

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