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Toyota Camry Problems

Need troubleshooting tips for your Camry, its climate control, steering wheel or other mechanics? Just like any other vehicle, there have been issues that owners have encountered relating to repair and maintenance.

Read below where Experts have answered questions relating to Toyota Camry problems.

How to locate and replace the thermostat in a Toyota Camry?

The four-cylinder coolant thermostat may be easily located on the passenger side of the engine compartment. From the front bumper, it is located on the top left side of the engine just below the alternator. Beneath this, a radiator hose may be seen fixed into an aluminum or plastic housing having 2-10 mm nuts holding it to the water pump housing. First the clamp from the housing needs to be removed, after which the nuts, the thermostat, the gasket and O-ring can be removed.

Would it be possible to install the Dual-zone auto climate control into an LE Camry A/C from an XLE Camry A/C?

It is not possible to install the dual-zone auto climate control from an XLE Camry A/C to an LE Camry A/C as the harnesses, the heater and A/C boxes and the units are different. Along with this, the wiring and all the controls are also different as the system is dependent on the body computer to communicate with all the controls.

What is the difference between the engines of a 1996 and a 1997 Toyota Camry?

In a 96 Camry, the ignition has a distributor going into the cylinder head where a large hole is created in the rear of the head meant for the distributor. In a 97 Camry, the ignition system is different as there is no distributor in the cylinder head. Also, the engine control computer and wiring loom would not work on a 96 Camry engine.

What does a yellow indicator on the dashboard signify?

The light is an indication that there is an issue with the brake lights. It could be due to burnt out bulbs or bulbs fitted incorrectly. In order to check this, the brakes need to be pressed to confirm if all the tail lights light up with the same intensity. If this works fine, the trunk needs to be opened and all the carpeting on the driver side of the trunk needs to be removed and locate a metal brace. Remove the plastic box that is attached to this metal brace and take it apart to view the circuit box. The circuit box may require replacement if there are any burnt parts. The small box is the bulb failure detector for the rear lamps and so if all the lights are burning and with the same intensity, the bulb failure detector may have failed. This may be replaced from a Toyota dealer parts department.

What is preventing the steering lock on a 1995 Toyota Camry from unlocking?

First check if the key is worn out as it could prevent the steering lock from being unlocked. If it is worn out, make a new key and try unlocking with it. The other option would be to turn the wheel approximately 1/8”-1/2” in either direction between the locks in order to take the force off the wheel lock while turning the key. This may look as though it may not move but would require a good amount of force to move it 1/8" when it is stuck on the lock. Care should be taken to ensure it doesn’t hit the opposite lock. If it doesn’t work in one direction, then it would be best to try the opposite direction. An assistant may be required to turn the key once the wheel is moved.

Japanese cars are known for their quality and the Camry is no exception. It has been sold internationally in different variants and has enjoyed tremendous success. However, issues with the car have troubled owners and finding answers is important in the maintenance of the car. When questions arise, turning to an Expert for help may prove to be useful.
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