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Cell Phone Camera related Questions

Cell phone cameras is available on most phones today and could be one of the most widely used functions on a cell phone, after calling and texting. In the current scenario, cell phone camera resolution and specifications is one feature which is continuously evolving and being enhanced. Cell phone cameras, their problems and fixes can be varied.

To know more about cell phone cameras, listed below are a few questions answered by Experts.

What can be done if the cell phone camera icon on the iPhone 4 has disappeared? The video camera is present but does not launch the camera.

If the cell phone camera is not opening, it could not have been deleted or uninstalled as it is inbuilt into the operating system of the iPhone 4. The cell phone camera application could have inadvertently been dropped or moved into another folder. The first thing to check all the folders. If it is not found, the iPhone 4 needs to be reset. To do this, the power button should be pressed and held along with the home button until the apple logo is visible. If the reset does not help, normal display of icons should be restored by modifying the following settings: “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Reset Home screen layout” or “Reset all Settings”. Also the iPhone 4 should be checked for any restrictions which could have been activated and need to be turned off. This is checked by going to “Settings” > “General” > “Restrictions”.

What can be done if the HTC Desire cell phone camera has stopped working?

Since this HTC Desire phone has a SD card in it, the card may need to be formatted. Prior to doing so, the data present on the card should be copied onto the computer as it will be deleted after formatting. Next from the cell phone you need to go to “Settings”, “Storage” and the SD card can be formatted from here. After doing so, the battery should be removed. Wait for 5 minutes before reinserting and the cell phone camera should work. If this does not help, a hard reset may need to be performed and this will restore the phone to default settings. The hard reset steps are as follows: “Settings” > “Storage” > “Factory Reset”. The cell phone camera can be tested once the master reset completes. In case the camera still does not function, the cell phone camera hardware could be malfunctioning or the operating system could be at fault.

Why does the Blackberry 8310 cell phone camera not start instead asks to close other applications before trying?

This is most likely an uncaught error and is being caused basically by a process on the cell phone. There may not be a specific way to pinpoint the process. One of the only methods to eliminate any errors would be to perform a master reset and revert the Blackberry to factory settings. Prior to the reset, a back-up of the Blackberry can be taken with the help of the Blackberry Device Manager. Next you need to navigate to the security settings and perform a complete wipe. Once the phone reloads, the cell phone camera should be fully functional as well. In case this does not work, the issue is probably embedded which means an operating software restore may be required.

Does the Droid 2 cell phone camera have a timer feature on it?

The Droid 2 cell phone camera application does not have a timer option. However there are many applications (app) which are available on the app store or Android market which can help gain this functionality. For example: Pro-Zoom Camera and Camera Magic.

What should be done if the Moto Devour cell phone camera lens is obstructed internally by a flat ring?

This is basically a problem related to the cell phone camera housing which is not a user serviceable component of the cell phone camera. The phone needs to be taken back to the store it was purchased from and they may send it to a repair center. Additionally this part should most likely be covered under manufacturer warranty.

As seen above, cell phone camera issues can usually be resolved by resetting the phone or changing a particular setting on the phone. At other times, altering settings or certain actions can inadvertently enable or disable features. To get answers to all cell phone camera questions, Experts can be contacted to provide guidance and expertise.
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