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Camera Shutter Related Questions

Do you need some guidelines on how to effectively use the camera shutter? Are black images related to a shutter problem? The camera shutter is essential in taking good pictures and plays a key role in performance. You may have questions on how to use the shutter option optimally or you could be facing other problems related to the camera shutter. Verified Experts can provide assistance and guidance. Read below where Experts have answered a few questions for camera owners.   

Why are the pictures and images all black on the Nikon camera?

Most likely the issue is with the shutter which should be checked first. Without the lens, set the camera to manual or ‘M’ and shutter speed to bulb, ‘B.’ Check the mirror cage to see if the shutter releases when the release button is pressed. The mirror should go up where you see either the shutter or a shiny image sensor is visible. You should get an over-exposed, white image on the screen and on the card if there is one present in it. If the camera shutter works, the problem lies elsewhere.

Is the shutter setting ideal to shoot indoor games such as basketball?

Shooting indoor games can be tricky as it involves freezing action. For this the camera shutter speed needs to be 1/500th. Sometimes, 1/250th can work too. Moreover, since the shutter is open so briefly, a larger aperture of 1.4, 1.8 or 2.8 is required. The shutter speed is important to avoid blurry pictures. Therefore, engage the ‘Shutter Priority’ setting at 1/250th allowing the camera to set the aperture. The picture quality should be set to ‘Large’ while the subject is zoomed out as much as possible. Keeping these points in mind, use the full manual mode as this allows you to customize the shutter and aperture settings.

What are some basic guidelines related to the camera shutter for a photography novice to follow?

The main principles are listed below:

  1. Cameras have an iris which need to open and shut to allow more light. The longer the shutter is open, the more closed the iris gets.
  2. You need to choose the right shutter speed. If the shutter is too fast, it will make noise. If it is slow, moving objects will appear blurred. A tripod is helpful while using a slower camera shutter or when you need to adjust shutter values to the fullest extent.
  3. After the shutter speed is determined and set, the other settings such as white balance and aperture can be adjusted. If the shutter is too open, images appear white and vice versa producing dark images.

Which setting is ideal to photograph an object 50 feet away where lighting is minimal?

Ideally, for this the shutter speed should not go below 60 or over 125. To maintain the shutter speed between 125 and 500, changing the ISO may be necessary. ‘Auto ISO’ can also work to a certain degree but one would have more control over the exposure if it is set manually. It also depends on the depth of the field, a smaller aperture with a higher ISO in the ‘A’ setting can provide a long depth of field. In case the depth field is not an issue, the ‘P’ (program) setting controls both the aperture and shutter settings.

What can be done if the Powershot camera’s shutter is stuck closed?

This is a common problem with the CCD image sensor or chip failure. This is a light sensitive chip which produces the image or the connection to it. An issue with it results in lack of live view in the camera mode and prevents fresh pictures from being taken. To resolve this problem, the CCD image sensor/chip needs to be replaced.

Why does the Canon take one picture and display ‘Error 999?' 

This problem is usually related to a failed shutter. Though this is an older model of the Canon, it can be repaired. The camera will need to be taken to a repair shop in your area for the shutter to get fixed.

Reading through the above article you get a sense of some of the questions and problems people have related to the camera shutter. Majority of the time, it may be possible for the user to troubleshoot and handle any problems on their own if they have guidance from Experts online. If you wish to ask your specific camera shutter related question, contact Experts online, to get answers quickly and reasonably, from the comfort of your home.

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