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Camcorder Problems

What is a camcorder? A camcorder is a combination of a video recorder and a video camera in a single unit. This electronic device was designed for recording videos outside the studio. The name camcorder is a general abbreviation coined to describe this device. Some manufacturers refer to it also as a video camera recorder.

While camera phones and digital cameras also perform these functions, the ‘camcorder’ generally signifies a stand-alone portable device with, primarily, video capture and recording functions.

The latest camcorders work in a variety of formats, MP4 included. For editing purposes, many camcorders can be connected through a USB to a personal computer. Some camcorders generally are pre- loaded with editing software. With all electronics, there can be issues that rise in installation of software or the general operations that can cause questions. Read below where questions regarding camcorder problems have been answered by the Experts.

What could cause the picture to blur on an HC-V500 camcorder when it is moved even slowly but never when it is still?

The exposure speed or frames per second may need to be slowed down. Check the current setting and reduce the number of frames per second. If however the setting is already low like 10 to 15 per second, then try setting it to a higher value. Either of these could help.

Is the Videocam Suite 2.0 disc for an SDR-S50 camcorder necessary to read video clips off a hard drive? Is the appropriate software available>

It may be necessary and usually can be downloaded at

Can 8mm tapes be played on a Sony CCD (charge-couple-device) camcorder?

Standard tapes recorded on an analog format can be played on any unit which plays 8 mm analog format tapes. If the tapes are recorded in digital format they can only be played through a digital 8 unit.

How can a JVC camcorder that gives a E04 error code be repaired?

E04 is a JVC code which covers a range of mechanical errors. First, remove the battery and reinstall it. If that does not work then open the cassette door and repeat the exercise. This is a JVC recommendation. If the problem persists then chances are that it could be a problem with the drum motor or loading mechanism. To locate the exact fault you may need to take it to a service center. JVC still repairs camcorders which fall in among this range of models even if they are out of the warranty period. If the error code still appears after removing and reinstalling the battery with the cassette door open (the JVC recommendation) then contact JVC about the replacement even if you are out of warranty.

How can a Sony mini DV Camcorder be fixed, it is not recording nor playing back, it has sent an error message which reads C: 31:23?.

Sony’s recommendation for a C: 31 error code is to take the battery and tape out for a few seconds and reinstall them. Generally this resolves the problem.

Sony gives no explanation for C: 23 which generally appear to be a mechanical issue. It could be something very simple like some mechanical component being stuck inside or not operating smoothly. Sometimes a light tap on the side of the camcorder may clear the code and it will begin to work correctly. If this doesn’t work then it may need to be looked at by an authorized service center.

Camcorders are useful entertainment devices which generally work reliably and without problem. But since they are precision devices they are sensitive and need careful handling. If you need help with your camcorder, speak to an Expert who might be able to resolve your problem.
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