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How to Care for a Bird Cage?

Having the right size cage for your specific bird is essential to a healthy, happy pet. The cage should be kept clean and have adequate food and water and also, play toys and perches. Read below for some questions about bird cages that are answered by an Expert.

How to treat a bird cage for red mites?

To treat the bird cage for the mites, visit a pet store and get a mite/louse powder like parrot permithrin dusting powder or Harkers louse powder. The powder may be sprinkled on the cage to treat and kill the mites. Once the mites are dead, the cage should be wiped down to remove any powder and dead mites.

Can a rusted bird cage be painted and, if so, what kind of paint should be used?

The cage may be painted or coated with any child safe paint. It should have a type of rust inhibitor in it that is not toxic when it dries. This will not only help the cage look better, but help stop the rust from spreading or getting worse.

How to clean a wooden cage and is there a better birdcage for finches?

It is recommended to not use any kind of spray cleaner to clean wooden cages. The best way to clean the cage would be to use warm water with mild dish soap. Finch birds generally do better in large wire type cages that can easily be wiped down with a wet cloth.

Are there special cages for a handicapped bird?

Some bird cages are specifically designed for the comfort of birds with a handicap. The bird may also be placed in an aquarium, box or carrier along with soft towels at the bottom. There should be no perches. Food and water may be kept at a low level where the bird can reach it easily.

Different types of bird cages are used to house different kind of birds. They come in different sizes and materials. Questions about what kind of bird cages are best to use, how to maintain them, etc., could arise when a person is thinking about getting a bird. When these or any other questions arise, asking an Expert can get you the information you need.

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