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VW Cabrio Troubleshooting Questions

Do you need help replacing or repairing parts on your VW Cabrio? Do you want to troubleshoot a problem causing your VW to run rough? Common problems with respect to the Cabrio can involve various parts such as the engine, tire, air conditioning system and so on. When maintenance and repairs are beyond your knowledge, consult with an Expert online. Read below where verified mechanical Experts have answered questions regarding repair, replacement and troubleshooting issues.   

What is the procedure to replace the fuel pump on a VW Cabrio?

The steps are as follows:

  1. Remove the carpet from the luggage compartment floor.
  2. Remove the cover plate over the fuel pump access hole held by Philips screws.
  3. A plastic locking collar becomes visible and needs to be unscrewed. Since it may be difficult to remove, a spanned wrench or non-metallic device can be used to knock it loose
  4. Once this is done, the pump assembly should be removed from the tank and replaced.

What could cause a VW Cabrio to randomly not start?

Case Details: The battery is fine. The starter and ignition switch have been replaced recently.

In a scenario, when components such as starter and ignition switch have been replaced, the wiring of the door harness needs to be checked to see if any of them are broken. Sometimes if the wires do not make good contact, the alarm module can cut off the starter. Apart from this, the power supply relay below the dashboard should be checked as they are known to commonly fail.

On the 2002 VW Cabrio, where is the OBD 2 connection?

Completely pull out the ashtray and the center button beneath should be pressed to release it. There should be a rectangular plastic cover here which is directly below the ashtray. It should be slid to the left or can be snapped off. To place it back in position it will need to be snapped back on.

What happens if 17x7 wheels are installed on the Volkswagen Cabrio?

17x7 wheels are very large for the VW Cabrio. This changes the angle of the fulcrum point with relation to the body of the Cabrio and ground causing excess pressure when at a weaker angle. Other components also tend to get damaged when the rim and tire is too large.

Why does the VW Cabrio stop if the foot is taken off the gas pedal?

Most likely the ignition coil mounted in the firewall could have got fracture cracks resulting in similar such problems. This is usually because of the location of the ignition coil. It can be found at the driver’s side of the firewall and is not very hard to replace.

Why doesn’t heat emanate from the floor of the VW Cabrio?

Case Details: The controls, defrost and main vents work.

Take the cover plate off the front face of the heater controls. This will allow you to check if the cables are connected to the dials behind the control head. That one dial controls multiple flaps at different steps in the rotation. In case the cables are connected you may need to check under the dashboard area. This is done by moving the control and checking the end of the cable where the lever should be connected. It is possible that the loop at the end of the cable has come off the pin on the flap lever. Another possibility could be that the pin is broken. Replacing the flap door involves replacing a large chunk of the air distribution box. This would entail removing the dashboard, discharging the A/C and draining coolant from the heater core.

Why doesn’t the door latch work from the interior of the VW Cabrio?

Case Details: The exterior handles of both doors are limp. The car battery went dead too.

This could be either the latch cables popping off because the latches were frozen or the latch/locks continue to remain frozen. In either scenario, the door panel would need to be removed to inspect the Cabrio system. This would need to be carried out at a repair shop. In case the latches thaw out, the problem would get corrected, however it is likely to occur again.

Why does the VW Cabrio shake during acceleration?

Case Details: The tires are also depreciating in an odd manner.

There could be a few reasons for this:

  1. The outer CV joints on the drive axle could be worn out.
  2. The outer ball joints could be worn,
  3. The control arm bushings could be worn. There are two per arm and it is usually the rear mounted one to cause alignment problems.

As evident in the information above, useful answers have been obtained to problems and questions regarding the VW Cabrio. To get customized answers to your particular Cabrio problem, ask Experts. Their experience will provide you with expertise and guidance at an affordable price. 

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