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Cable Card Related Questions

Do you have cable card questions or issues on your TV? Or, can a problem occur with the TV if the cable card was suddenly removed while it was on? A cable card is essentially a preprogrammed card inserted into the TV or some TVs come equipped with an inbuilt cable card slot. It is meant for mainstream programming and offers a variety of channels. When problems occur you may be left wondering whether it is a TV or cable card issue. Sometimes, it can be a combination and when this occurs, it is useful to have electronic Experts troubleshoot and diagnose the problem.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions related to cable cards.

Why has the Hitachi Plasma TV’s screen frozen after the cable card was removed from it?

Most probably what would have occurred here is that when the cable card was removed or pulled out abruptly with the TV on, it could have damaged the TV’s digital board. You can try resetting the TV to check if it helps bring it back to normal. If it does not, the digital board would need to be replaced. This is a fairly simple replacement where the back cover is removed by taking off the screws using a screwdriver and the board which is essentially a ‘plug and play’ unit, would need to be installed or ‘plugged’ in.

Why is the picture of the Samsung TV with cable card, scrambled and unclear?

More often than not, the cable card’s integrated circuits overheat, making the cable card fail. To overcome this, the cable card should be disconnected, removed and allowed to cool down for 20 minutes to check if this restores normal operation. Alternatively, one can try another cable card to confirm whether the original card is faulty from heat stress. Since the cable company transmits certain data to unlock specific channels, they need to be informed to unlock or de-scramble the channels. 

What can be done if a Sony TV with cable card is unable to pick up all the stations?

First, you need to confirm whether the card is faulty and unable to receive signal. If the cable company says it is receiving the signal, the problem could be between the TV and cable card, though that is unlikely. Therefore, to deal with this, the cable company should be requested for a new cable card, however, these cards are not common any longer and many cable companies many not be aware of them to troubleshoot correctly.

Why does the Pioneer TV with cable card, screen go dark and return when the channel is changed?

If this problem occurs mainly when the TV is on cable input and not on other sources such as DVD, it is an indication of a fault with the cable card. It could be cutting off or losing signal that it is providing to the other components of the TV. To overcome this, the cable card would need to be replaced. In case the TV is shutting down and powering back on, the problem could be a faulty power supply or main control board of the TV.

What are the differences in having a cable card and cable box connected to the TV?

Typically, without a cable card, cable box or digital transport adapter box, the signals will remain analog, unclear and one cannot get digital signals. Though a TV may have a QAM tuner it functions only for unencrypted or clear cable channels. Majority of the cable companies follow the practice of encrypting their cable channels, which means that the cable will not function without a box or cable card provided by the cable company. A cable TV box is easier to replace or reset when faced with problems and more often than not, they have an inbuilt DVR function which a cable card would not have. A TiVo box too would require a cable card from the company. Renting a cable card and paying the TV subscription fees usually costs more than using the set top box from the cable company.

Why is the TV which has a cable card installed, unable to scan digital cable channels?

To begin with, the reason the TV does not allow the digital channels to be scanned is because it has a cable card inserted in it and this is normal. The problem could be with the cable card pairing and this needs to be resolved by the cable company. To contact customer care, the TV menu should be opened to navigate to ‘Digital Setup’, then to ‘Cable Card Menu’ and scroll to ‘Pairing Information’ (the wording mentioned here may change based on the cable company). Open this option, to find the phone number, module and host ID for repair.

Is it recommended to perform a reset on a Pioneer Elite plasma TV which has a cable card installed in it?

Performing a reset on a TV with a cable card installed would not be an issue and can be carried out safely. To perform the reset, unplug the TV’s power cord from the wall outlet for 10 minutes, reconnect and turn it back on.

The above information provides insight about how the cable card works, some of its issues and troubleshooting steps. There may be more issues and problems which you have encountered and need help with. Whether it is to deal with the cable card problems, installation or replacement, the value of Expert information is high. If you are in doubt or need answers to other questions, seek the support of electronic Experts online and get solutions quickly and economically. 

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