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Mercedes C300 Problems

The Mercedes C300 belongs to the C-Class line of cars that was introduced in 1993. It is one of the lower-end models of this series and comes in both a luxury sedan and an exclusive sports sedan version. Its features include a 3-liter 228-horsepower V-6 engine that is complemented by a seven-speed automatic transmission on the luxury sedan model and a six-speed manual transmission on the sports sedan model. However, much like any other vehicle, owners may have come across certain problems when operating the Mercedes C300. Some of these issues have been answered by the Experts and are listed below.

Where is the car battery located to jumpstart a Mercedes C300?

To find the main battery, look in either the trunk on the right hand side of the car or in the back of the engine bay on the passenger side, below the intake for the heater system. This part can also be unclipped and removed. If the trunk has a smaller battery, it has probably been added as an extra one for eco stop/start vehicles. This means that the engine bay is where the main battery is located.

A 2012 Mercedes C300 has navigation but suddenly the screen doesn’t come on anymore. What can be done?

This is probably because the LCD screen has had a short circuit or an internal failure that has caused the screen to appear black. In cases where the car comes with a multimedia package with iPod plug in capabilities, a bad radio connection can also lead to this. Therefore, get the car tested by a professional and get new cables put it in. If the vehicle is still under warranty, get the car tested and repaired completely free of charge.

What oil should be used in a Mercedes C300 Sport, also, how can the air filter box be loosened?

The recommended motor oil for this would be Mobil 1 Synthetic 0W40 or 5W40. Loosening the air assembly is a simple job since it typically just lifts up off the motor. Look for the air intake hoses at the front and disconnect them. Find a wire clip that needs to be unhooked at the back. Once this is done, lift the assembly straight up on each side of the air cleaner housing. Take it off and unscrew the filter boxes by turning the entire assembly upside down. This will help get the filters replaced.

Why wont a Mercedes Benz C300 (2009 model) start despite trying to jump start it and using a booster?

It’s possible that the car isn’t starting because of a short circuit in the steering lock in the steering column. This is fairly common and when it happens, the electrical system will stop the car from switching on. In this situation, examine the wiring and check if the module that registers the key also has a short circuit. If this happens, get a dealer to reprogram the key.

While the Mercedes C300 is a beautifully designed car, there could be a few problems owners may have come across that are not listed above. Some of these can be solved by troubleshooting with Experts. Direct the queries to Experts who can offer quick and insightful information at an affordable cost.
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