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Mercedes C180 Related Questions

Why is the cruise control of a Mercedes C180 not working? What repair needs to be done on a Mercedes C180 that is stuck in park? If you have access to reliable information, you will be able to ensure that the correct repairs are done in the most cost effective manner. The recommendations of Experts can guide you to the right solutions to your problems. Continue reading to see a few of the many Mercedes C180 questions Experts have answered.

Why does a Mercedes C180 rev high and begin to jerk intermittently and get worse during cold weather and around turns?

The most common reason is an air leak after the air flow meter. Air that enters after the meter is not detected by the ECU and so not compensated for. The engine will run lean which can cause the revs to jump and cause rough running/jerkiness. Since this is a mechanical fault, it may not trigger a warning light. The leak may cause the engine to make an unusual hissing sound. The hose clips should be checked for tightness and a visual inspection done of cracks or splits on all the vacuum system hoses and pipes. To be sure that there are no leaks, spray lighter gas or carburetor cleaner on each joint, one at a time. When the spray causes the engine to rev up, that is where the leak is. If there is no air leak issue, the other possibilities are poor fuel pressure, a clogged throttle body and a faulty airflow meter.

What is the reason for the speed control limiter on a Mercedes C180 not sticking to a setting?

A failing speed control lever can cause this problem. The steering column module that the switch is attached to could also be the cause as a fault here can lead to communication errors with the cruise control module. A Mercedes Star diagnostic tester will be able to check the functioning of the cruise control stalk/switch. If the stalk is okay, then the steering column module is probably faulty.

How to repair the automatic transmission on a 1999 Mercedes C180 which is stuck in Park, but the gear indicator shows another gear?

This appears to be a fault in the range recognition sensor in the shifter. Check the power supply to the sensor and the transmission control module. If no problem is found, check the transmission control module then replace the range recognition sensor if necessary.

What could prevent newly installed aftermarket LED tail lamps in a 2013 Mercedes C180 from working?

Case Details: A warning light for the turn signal is blinking on the dash. The tail lamps and connections have been checked and are okay.

This vehicle is not designed to use LED lights. A resistor needs to be wired into each turn signal as the LED’s do not have enough resistance to keep the warning light from illuminating. The manufacturer of the tail light assembly will have to be contacted. They will be able to advise on what resistor to install. As there are no standard specifications for aftermarket lights, only the maker will know about the resistor to be used.

What is the reason for a 2002 Mercedes C180 2L with a 5-speed automatic transmission to stumble and hesitate under acceleration?

Case Details: There is no problem when cruising at a steady speed.

This could be a fuel pressure issue. Low pressure may not provide enough fuel for steady cruising but partially starve the engine under accelerating when the demand is high. A fuel pressure test will confirm this. If the pressure is low, the fuel pump is the likely cause. Replacing the fuel filter is a good idea. Another possible reason for this problem is a faulty mass air flow sensor which can result in hesitation under acceleration. The spark plugs should also be checked in case there is a problem with them.

What is the expected life of a timing chain in a Mercedes C180 and will early replacement increase the life of the engine?

The Mercedes C180 timing chain has no service interval and it is designed to last the life of the vehicle. If the vehicle has been serviced as per the manufacturers schedule and the correct oils have been used, there should, in normal circumstances, be no need to replace it so any replacement will not increase engine life. Of course, any mechanical component can fail at any time, but that is something that cannot be controlled.

What is the reason for the remote of a 2005 Mercedes C180 to no longer lock/unlock the doors but still work to start the vehicle?

Case Details: Replacing the batteries has not helped.

If the batteries are in good condition, the probability is that the remote may have an internal fault. The key may continue to work to start the vehicle as this is a separate electronic circuit from that which operates the door locks. If a second remote/key is available, this should be tried and if it works, the internal failure of the first key is confirmed and it will need to be replaced.

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