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Business Law Questions

What is business law?

Business law relates to the laws that are applied to the business units that include partnerships and corporations. Most businesses work together in many different ways. These different ways can include business transactions, contracts, mergers, and leasing. How these different transactions are completed is supervised by the Business Law. Another larger part of Business Law is in the start up or formation of a business. The Business Law is an area that is very widespread and it normally deals with defining the rights and responsibilities of each business, rather than enforcing these laws.

What is international business law?

International business law is different from all the other areas of law. International business law is not classified as an area or governing body, but instead international business law relates to the many different laws, rules and traditions which oversee the influence and deal with the legal connections between the different nations, their governments, the businesses and organizations which will also include their rights and responsibilities as well.

What is the business law and regulation?

When owning a small business the owner is obligated to the same regulations as a larger corporation. When starting out with a small business, all owners must abide by the business law and regulations. Some of the business law and regulations include:
• Advertising Law
• Employment & Labor Law
• Finance Law
• Intellectual Property
• Online Business Law
• Privacy Law
• Environmental Regulations
• Uniform Code
• Contact a Government Agency
• Workplace Safety and Health
• Foreign Workers, Immigration and Employee Eligibility

According to the Business law, as a co-owner of a company how does someone get into the inventory and ownership money of the company if the partners want to dissolve the company without giving them ownership?

The other partners that are involved cannot control what is in the inventory by themselves in which creates loss for the other partners. If the other two partners have a majority they are allowed to dissolve the company. Any possessions would either be divided up between each partner or they could sell the assets and divide the money after paying any debts. If the other two partners to not do this then the one who has been affected by this they would have a claim for breach of fiduciary duty.

In the state of New York if a director of a school that is a private non degree, non credit, non diploma LLC, hired someone who does not have their bachelors degree would this affect the school in any way.

As for a private school teacher in the state of New York he/she would need to have at least graduated from high school, and have at least two years of experience in the teaching field. The qualifications and regulations for a private school teacher do vary from state to state.

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