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Bureau Of Motor Vehicle Questions

Do you need to know if a ticket from another state will be reported to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in your home state? Or do you have health issues that will affect your driver's license? If you have received a ticket in your home state or while traveling out-of-state, knowing the best way to deal with the ticket can be confusing. Consult with an Expert who is available online to give you advice.

Read below where Experts have answered these questions and more.

In dealing with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, what is the 'Driver License Compact or (DLC)?'

This is an interstate compact used by the States of the United States to exchange information concerning driver’s license suspensions and traffic violations of non-residents and forward to the individual’s home state. Its theme is One Driver, One License, One Record. The home state would treat the offense as if it had been committed in the home state, applying home state laws to the out-of-state offense. The action taken would include points assessed on a minor offense, such as speeding and license suspension, or a major violation, such as a DWI or DUI. It does not include non-moving violations, like parking tickets, tinted windows, loud exhaust and more. Also, under the Driver License Compact, in order for a driver’s home state to penalize a driver for an out-of-state offense, the driver’s home state must have an equivalent statute. If the driver’s home state does not have an equivalent statute, then no action can be taken. 

Will a speeding ticket an individual received in Gratis, Ohio be reported to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles?

In many cases, this type of ticket will be reported, however, it may be prevented by the individual appearing in traffic court on the date specified on the ticket, and ask to be approved for enrollment in the Traffic Diversion Program. If the individual successfully completes the Traffic Diversion Program, the charge will be dismissed upon payment of court costs and the non-refundable administrative fee. No offense information will be reported to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and no points will go against the individual’s license.

In Indiana, does the Bureau of Motor Vehicles allow an individual who has epileptic seizures to obtain a driver’s license?

Indiana Code Section 9-24-2-3(b) allows a person who suffers from epilepsy to obtain a license as long as he or she has a statement from his or her physician that he or she is taking medication to control the epilepsy, and provided that the medication keeps the person seizure free. The license issued may be restricted and a person may be required to be taking the medication while driving. Further, occasional medical reviews may be necessary and, if the person is found to be disabled and unable to operate a vehicle safely during such reviews, the individual’s license may be revoked on that basis.

In Ohio, how many points against a driver’s license will an individual get for riding a motorcycle without a helmet and only having a permit?

According to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, there would not be any points against a person for this type of violation.

In Ohio will Boating Under the Influence (BUI) go on an individuals record with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles?

Since an operator’s license is not required to operate a boat, Ohio law does not provide for a suspension. However, if an individual refuses to take a chemical test, he or she will be prohibited from operating a boat or registering a watercraft for a period of one year. Also, a conviction for a BUI can be used to enhance the penalty for a subsequent driving under the influence (DUI) arrest. That is the same six year look-back period applies to BUI as well as DUI. Therefore if an individual is convicted of a BUI and are later convicted of DUI within a six year period, the court can order a higher penalty for the DUI conviction due to the BUI conviction.

In New York, what is the Bureau of Motor Vehicles' rule on a person driving without insurance?

In New York, a person must surrender the vehicle plates and take it off the road, or pay the per day penalty (which is very costly). A current possession of insurance and license is not retroactive and since this is an administrative procedure, an attorney would not be able to achieve any different result, unless there was some mistake and the individual did in fact have insurance at the time of surrendering plates.

In Indiana, does a person with 10 points against his/her driver's license have to have a hearing before the Bureau of Motor Vehicles?

In Indiana, if a person accrues 18 points against his or her driver’s license in a two year period of time, then a hearing will be held with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles regarding a suspension.

Dealing with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, tickets, etc., in different states can be difficult and confusing. When questions arise it is important to know that you are receiving accurate, reliable information. Verified legal Experts are available to answer all your questions day and night, at your convenience.

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