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BMW Bumper Related Questions

Do you need to replace a bumper in a BMW? Do you need to repair a cracked fibreglass bumper? A bumper is important as it is designed to absorb impact in a collision. When a bumper is damaged, it may need to be replaced if it cannot be repaired. Replacement of a bumper may be a difficult task for some owners and may require assistance from Experts. Read below where verified Experts have answered questions regarding the BMW bumper.

How to remove the rear bumper trim of a 2006 BMW 325 I?

  • Remove the rear lights on the side panel on the left and right.
  • Lever out the cover and release the screw underneath.
  • Bend the wheel arch trim in the area to one side and release the screw. (Do this on both sides one at a time.)
  • Do not detach the bumper trim from the side. Pull the bumper trim towards the rear and release it from the catches.
  • Disconnect the plug connection for ultrasonic transducers.
  • Remove the bumper trim towards the rear with the help of another person.

How to repair a cracked BMW fiberglass bumper?

To repair the cracked fiberglass bumper, the technician will reinforce the back of the damage with a stainless steel mesh. This is done in stages. Then the damaged segment is ground down and 
refilled. Generally, a product named "Tiger Claw" is used to rebuild the fracture. Once this is performed, the primer and paint stages follow.

How to remove the rear bumper on a 2005 BMW X3?

The following operation is for both the left and right side one at a time. First, release the screws and nuts.

To remove, make sure the wheel arch trim is in the correct position.

  • Press the wheel arch-trim slightly to one side and release the screw on the bumper trim.
  • Release the screws on the holder.
  • Release the screw and nuts.
  • Lever out the trim with a special tool 00 9 317 in the direction of the arrow.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure that the catch and guides of the trim are not damaged.
  • Do not detach the bumper trim at the sides in the outward direction.
  • Pull off the bumper trim for the side panel in the direction of the arrow.
  • Pull out the bumper trim in the direction of the arrow and remove with the help of another person.

Version with Park Distance Control:

If necessary, pull the bumper trim off a little and disconnect the plug connections of ultrasonic transducers. Then, remove the bumper trim with the help of a second person.

Could the small square door on the front bumper of a 2005 BMW 325, if damaged, cause damage to the car?

This is just a little plastic cover for the two hook threads. It will not damage the car in any way as it is just superficial plastic. You can get a replacement from BMW. 

How to remove the front bumper on a 2008 BMW 328 I?

  • To remove the bumper from vehicles with a headlight washer system, first, lift up the cover on the washers on the bumper and detach them from the washer jet.
  • The next step is to open the hood and remove the top four screws above the bumper trim.
  • Then, on each side of the wheel well arch, remove the 8mm screws on both sides.
  • Pull this trim out as there are two hidden screws on both sides at the top of the bumper behind the wheel arch trims in each wheel well.
  • Under the front bumper, there are seven more 8 mm bolts holding the bottom panel of the bumper trim that need to be removed.
  • The left and right side pulls out slightly to detach. Then the bumper cover pulls out towards the front. Two people will be required as you will have to disconnect some wiring as the bumper skin is removed.

The main function of a bumper is to protect the body of the car in a slight collision, typically at parking speed. As such, bumpers are always prone to scratches and cracks. When owners experience problems with a bumper, they need assistance to rectify them. Verified BMW Experts are available to provide repair or replacement tips at any time.

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