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Bullying Questions

Bullying is a verbal or even physical threat or act of violence. Often, bullying is associated with the actions of a kid individual towards another kid. However, in reality, any act physical or emotional display to gain control over another person’s thoughts or action is considered bullying. This can be done by children as well as adults. When bullying occurs, many people wonder what can be done to stop this act or why others bully people. For more information, individuals can read below to find Expert answers.

Why do bullying victims have trouble concentrating?

The feelings of being both physically and emotionally threatened will often cause someone who has been bullied to be watchful of their surroundings. The fear of not knowing when they will be bullied next can keep them on their toes and make them more watchful. Because of this, they often pay less attention to school, work or anything else that they would usually pay attention to. Grade, productivity at work, almost everything in their daily lives can suffer when someone is in fear of their safety.

Can bullying cause mental illnesses?

Bullying along with many other forms of mental and physical abuse has been linked to several forms of mental illnesses. Negative experiences such as these can lead to depression, anxiety disorders, even personality and psychological issues.

What can be done for suicidal thought because of bullying?

The effects that bullying can cause on a person’s mental state can be devastating. Individuals of all ages have been troubled by these traumatic experiences that many have even hurt themselves. Many other individuals have even taken their own lives in order to avoid the chance of being bullied again. However, this does not have to be the answer, there are resources that can help. Listed below are some things that can be done to help people learn how to cope with being bullied:
• Depending on the persons age the first step is to see a psychiatrist or child psychiatrist
• Undergo a psychological evaluation to determine the person’s mental state and true risk of becoming suicidal.
• Continuous session with a psychiatrist will be needed to help bullying victims learn self esteem and coping skills

It is important for loved ones of these victims to understand that while their love and support is very important, the main thing is to seek professional help before it is too late.

How can a bullying spouse be stopped?

Most people associate bullying with a child being picked on or ridiculed at school. However, bullying covers anyone who causes mental or physical abuse. A mean child on the playground, a co-worker or boss or even a spouse can all be considered a bully. Many relationships and marriages suffer from this on a daily basis often by the spouse who feels they need to be in control of the other. Sometimes they will belittle their spouse or intimidate them into doing what they want. A bullying spouse can make it difficult to maintain a truly loving marriage. Listed below are some steps that can be done to help stop the abuse:
• Keep a detailed written record with date and times of each episode.
• Get input from family and friends about their opinion of how they view the dynamics of the marriage.
• Educating oneself about their spouse’s history can uncover abuse they may have endured as a child. Doing this may help to understand how abuse came to play a part in their lives.
• Setting standards for this person to obtain and consequences if these standards aren’t met. Like tell the abusive spouse to stop the abuse or the relationship is over. But this ultimatum this ultimatum must be carried out if the abuse doesn’t stop.
• Set a timeframe – meaning that the spouse must change their abusive behavior by a certain date or the relationship will have to end.
• When all of this fails, it is time to prove that these were not idol threats. The relationship must now come to an end.

What can be done about a bullying spouse?

When there is bullying or any type of abuse in a marriage it is often difficult for the couple to work it out by themselves. An impartial professional such as a counselor can help identify all the issues and show the couple many different options on trying to help see if the relationship can be saved.

Bullying may not only be scary for both children and adults alike, it can also lead someone to believe the only solution is to take their own life. Suicide does not have to be the answer to resolve bullying, there are resources that can help overcome the traumas that bullying can cause. But, where does one find these resources? When questions come up about bullying, individuals can turn to the Experts that can help answer these questions and more.
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