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Built in Refrigerators

A built in refrigerator is a freestanding appliance which appears as if it were built along with the wall or the surrounding cabinets. The unique feature of a built in refrigerator is that it fits into the same depth of the counter or cabinets in the kitchen rather than protruding out against the wall. Built in refrigerators provide a clean, stylish and uniform look and finish to a kitchen. Generally the built in variety of refrigerators have the compressors and the coils at the top portion and can be relatively more expensive.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on built in refrigerators.

If an individual was trying to install a water softener and filter could this cause a built in refrigerators ice maker and water dispenser to stop working?

You require a strong, healthy water flow and to check the pressure level you can follow these steps. First disconnect the water supply and remove the water line from the refrigerator. Turn back the water supply and use a bucket to check the level of water pressure you are getting to the unit. Another thing to ensure is the valve should be completely open if you are tapped into the water line with a saddle valve. Many times people fail to completely open it out until it stops. In your case, an important point to note is installing a reverse osmosis system in line with your unit can result in low pressure and spoil your valve. It can cause more ice cube problems. Re-check this since it does seem that the water supply has ceased to your unit. If you suspect air bubbles within the system you would need to purge the air through it. To do so, hold the water dispenser in with a pitcher to contain the water.

Why is the food on the top shelf of my GE Monogram built in refrigerator warm while the food on the lower shelves are cold?

If the food on the top shelves is warm or hot and the lower shelf food is cold it could imply the interior lights of the refrigerator are not turning off. First ensure you close the door securely. To check the light, open the freezer door and peel the refrigerator door seal slightly using a butter knife. If the lights are off, it could have been a stray case of the door being left open accidently earlier causing the lights to stay on and warm the food. If you notice the light is on, the door switch could be faulty thereby failing to turn off the lights when the door is closed. To address this issue you will need to replace the door switch. Until you do so, you can unscrew the light bulbs from the refrigerator to prevent it from damaging the refrigerator liner.

Why are the control lights blinking and a beep noise coming from my Kitchenaid built in refrigerator and the filter is reading 0%?

This is a common problem indicating a low voltage to the control board causing it to short circuit. In order to fix your refrigerator you will need to order and replace the control board. It is located close to the compressor at the left hand corner of the compressor cage below the sheet metal box. Both freezer and refrigerator can get warmer with the freezer warming up faster however the cooling will continue but at a reduced rate. The filter reading of 0% is not connected to this problem. This reading means the filter needs to be replaced and you need to keep the filter button pressed for five seconds to reset it to 100%.

Why does the bottom mounted ice maker on Kitchenaid built in refrigerator dispense ice outside the bin? Can I make any adjustments to set this right?

If the ice from the ice maker is not getting dropped into the bin but falling outside to the back of the freezer, first ensure the bin is correctly positioned and placed in completely. Next examine the ice maker wire arm to check if it is loose or detached. If all this checks fine, the ice makers could be jammed because the heater may not be working correctly. If that is the case, it happens to dump ice with force causing it to fall out. To rectify this problem, the ice maker needs to be replaced.

The built in refrigerators are innovative in design and style. With proper planning and positioning they can be easily installed in your kitchen. Some of them however may consume more power compared to the traditional models. When you face a problem with them, there could be difficulty in accessing the important components and resolving the issue quickly and efficiently. At times, the quality or functioning of the adjacent cabinet materials can get altered. To understand what you can do best to resolve the built in refrigerator issues faced by you, the help and guidance from Experts will prove useful and necessary.
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