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Building Code Related Questions

Building codes are established so tenants and landlords can know the specific measurements to take when involving apartment, housing, and condo complexes. These codes include guidelines and rulings that refer to housing.

What are laws and or building codes 14424 NY in condo settings, to control 2nd hand smoke from entering into common areas and into other units? What are my rights?

A person could file a complaint with the city health department. Being that the unit is owned by the condo owner, the health department may not be able to assist in resolving the matter. However, each owner does have a right to quiet enjoyment of their property and a person could file suit against the owners emitting the smoke under a nuisance theory of law, seeking a court order enjoining them from continuing to create this nuisance. These types of cases are still fairly new to the courts, so it would be best to retain a local firm that has handled such cases. The state bar Association referral service is place to seek a referral. Here is a link that provides more information on this issue:

This is a residential building code question. How close to the property line can a residential building is in Little Rock, AR?

Under Little Rock codes, for an R-0 the side yard setback is 10 feet, rear yard is 25 feet and front yard is 25 feet. For an R-1 through R-3, side is 6 feet, front and back is 25 feet. See: Little Rock Zoning Code Section 4.11, p.40

I would like the Association to comply with building codes; build a slab to slab wall around his studio, put in a self contained air handler which exhausts to the exterior. I believe the situation is a health and safety issue since this facility is a public one as well as a tourist destination.

A tenant can file an action to abate a private nuisance against both the Association and the tenant. Private nuisance is when a wrongful activity causes damage. The wrongful activity may consist of a statute or ordinance violation, or it may be lawful and involve intentional conduct, negligence, or an very hazardous activity. In this situation that nuisance is the noncompliance with the building code placing the public and tenants in danger.

My argument is that he leased out a salon that he didn't have a legal right to lease. Am I able to sue him for just 1x that amount or does the law allows more? Can I sue him for the expenses that I paid to operate my business as well?

It is possible to sue for treble damages under Colorado's Consumer Protection Act--Deceptive Trade Practices; however, a tenant must show that what the landlord did not only harmed the tenant but may harm the public in general. There is another theory called punitive damages. A person would have to show that the landlord's actions were wrong and done with such a disregard for the tenant’s rights that the court should award punitive damages. The person can also sue him for all consequential damages.

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