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Fixing Programming Bugs

Most computer or software programmers are acquainted with programming errors. These errors are commonly termed as Programming Bugs. Therefore, a programming bug is an error, fault or flaw in a computer program that generates an incorrect outcome, causing it to act in unplanned ways. In most cases, the programming bugs occur due to errors and mistakes caused by people while developing a program’s source code or design. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to Programming Bug that has been answered by the Experts.

How can someone remove the word “undefined” from a script error that has a bug when a customer updates the quantity in the cart on a ecommerce site?

To begin with, there is a file named "all.js" in the assets folder, which usually would update all the fields once you change the value in the textbox. In order to update the total and display it back on the browser, there is a function that performs an AJAX call to the server. In that particular function, you would find a code, which is $(cart).find('.cartTotal .total').html(formatNumber(total)+ data.js);. In this code, you would see that the data is coming back from the server and the file called "data.js" remains undefined. It gets added to the price. Therefore, in order to correct this issue, you would need to change the condition of the code to $(cart).find('.cartTotal .total').html(formatNumber(total)+ (data.js ? data.js :"" ));. It means that in case the file "data.js" is undefined, you would then need to add "to the total else if data.js is some other value then take it" to remove the word.

How can a bug be fixed on the website, if the page layout is incorrect because one of the DIV tags stick out further to the right?

In this case, it looks like the DIV tags of the webpage are using different widths within the code. The width of the wrapper DIV along with that of the header and the navigation (Nav) DIV appear to be 925px. However, it seems likely the images could be smaller in size. Thus, in a situation like this, it would always be a better idea to use a width of hundred percent rather than using a hard-coded pixel value. In most cases, you are able to set the width by using the outer wrapper DIV. However, you would always need to make the inner DIV hundred percent of the width of the wrapper.

How can someone remove the gray margin and the built-in “Subscribe” feature on a Wordpress blog? The blog theme is Wordpress Top Hat 1.1. The gray margin is at the top of the page, just above the header. The built-in “Subscribe” feature appears at the very top of the sidebar when using Mozilla. .

In a situation like this, you could install a plugin called ‘Firebug’ since you are using Mozilla. Once it gets installed, you would see a little bug icon at the bottom right of your browser. In this case, all you would have to do is click on that bug icon first. The next thing you should do is click the CSS, which is a type of style sheet language. After that you would have to click on the button that displays a rectangle with an arrow on it. You would find that button next to the word “Console”. Now you would need to select the area of the page you want to change and in the source code section you would see a rectangle and the CSS file. You could then login to your admin once you know the name and line of the CSS file you want to modify. Following that you can go to the “Appearance” option and click on Edit CSS to make the change.

A Programming Bug is a fault or error in a computer program that is present at any stage of development while programmers design software. These bugs can lead to serious problems and can occur on your computer’s operating system, on various internet applications or within software programs installed on your computer. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Programming Bug, you may ask a computer Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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