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Bruxism Treatment

What is Bruxism?

One of the most common sleep disorders, Bruxism is defined as grinding of the teeth that may include clenching of the jaw. Most people will experience some level of bruxism in their lifetime; this may create health issues for some. Many individuals are not even aware that they may be suffering from Bruxism, because this disorder can even happen during short naps. If an individual fears that they may be suffering from Bruxism, read below to find many questions answered by the Experts pertaining to Bruxism.

What are the symptoms of TMJ?

There are a variety of symptoms associated with TMJ (Tempormandibular Joint). Pain in the temple or along the jaw line, chronic headaches or a clicking in the joint itself may all be symptoms of TMJ. A result from bruxism, grinding or clenching of ones teeth, or trauma one may experience muscle spasms and limited movement in avoidance of the onset of pain. A consultation with your dentist may result in a bruxism diagnosis and a bruxism treatment that may relieve one’s symptoms of TMJ.

How costly is splint therapy, and will it help with migraines that may be associated with TMJ?

Splint therapy is usually a treatment for symptoms of TMJ dysfunction. TMJ may result from trauma to the joint as a result from an accident or trauma caused by a chronic habit of the clenching and grinding of ones teeth known as bruxism.

Splint therapy, involves the fabrication of a plastic mouth guard, usually covering the biting surfaces of the upper teeth. The guard prevents the upper and lower teeth from contact. When one’s Migraines are directly associated with bruxism symptoms, one may get some relief from the use of the splint in relieving the muscle spasms associated with the migraine.

Cost will vary in a bruxism diagnosis. The affected areas, the design of the splint, whether a guard can be fabricated in the dentist office or if a lab will be necessary may reflect in the final cost. A consultation with your dentist will help in an understanding in one’s bruxism treatment plan and the cost associated with splint therapy.

When under a lot of stress one may experience pain and redness of the gums, what is causing this?

Stress may be a factor in that one may grind and clench their teeth at night and not be aware of it. Bruxism symptoms can be stress related. One may have food lodged between the tooth and gum that could cause irritation. Infection may be brewing under the surface that has not implemented the root of the tooth.

A dentist appointment could take some time to obtain. Palliative treatment might be obtained by a night guard that can be purchased at your local pharmacy, wear it a few nights to see if there is any change in the bruxism symptoms. Rinsing with very warm salt water may loosen food that may have lodged between the tooth and gum. Proper dental practices of brushing and flossing may remove buildup of caries that could give some relief until one can get an x-ray and an examination for a proper diagnosis with their dentist.

In experiencing a nervous habit of banging and clenching one’s teeth, is this a dental issue or neurological problem?

The banging, clenching and or grinding of one’s teeth together may be a dental bruxism symptom. Bruxism treatments may include the reconditioning in jaw muscles of mastication and relieving the stress by a mouth guard fabricated by a dentist. The presence of the mouth guard may break the habit. An evaluation and x-rays may help a dentist in a diagnosis and treatment for one’s underlying bruxism cause.

Often, bruxism is a demonstration resulting from internal stress. The teeth can then begin to wear and create occlusions that may cause the teeth to weaken and become unstable. This in itself may encourage continued clenching and grinding of one’s teeth. Upon onset one should contact their dentist in the prevention of additional damage that may occur as a result of bruxism symptoms. When needing Expert insight and answers pertaining to Bruxism treatment, an individual can turn to these Experts for answers.
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