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Bruise Treatment

What is a bruise?

A bruise is known as a skin discoloration that occurs because of blood vessels breaking, then leaking into the skin. Often a bruise can be known as a contusion or hematoma. A bruise is commonly known to occur when an individual has some sort of blunt hit to the skin. There are three types of bruises, these include: subcutaneous, intramuscular and periosteal. A subcutaneous bruise is usually minor and not as painful. Some subcutaneous bruises do not cause much pain, and some individuals do not remember as to why this bruise could have occurred. The color of a subcutaneous may change from dark purple to brown, and as the bruise begins to heal, the color may change to a yellowish or light brown color. As for an intramuscular bruise, this affects an individual’s blood vessels located in the muscles and may occur under the skin. Since this bruise is deeper, it is often caused by a harder Hit to the body. This type of bruise can be more painful than any other bruise. When a bruise occurs, often individuals are unaware of the cause or the treatments that may be available to them. For more information on what causes a bruise or how to rid a bruise individuals can read below to find Expert answers.

How long does it take for a bruise to appear after the impact?

A bruise appears when there is some sort of injury to the small vessels at the subcutaneous area of the body, these vessels then split open to ooze out the blood, and then blood clots occur. When blood clots occur, this is when the color may appear. When the color begins to show up, a bruise may appear as a reddish color. Within 1-2 days the red color may then change into a deep blue or purple. After a couple days have passed, the color may change into green and by the eighth day, the bruise may appear to be a yellow color. Often, the area can return to normal within two to three weeks after the impact. However, as for the exact time a bruise may appear will all depend on the severity of the injury.

If a bone bruise is present, what is the best home treatment, and how long will this take to heal?

Typically, a minor bone bruise will take between 10-20 days to heal and when there is a more severe injury, the immediate tissues can take up to 6 weeks to heal. At home treatment, an individual can take Vitamin D and calcium supplements and other foods that are high in calcium to help the healing process.

What could cause bruising under the earlobe after waking up?

Spontaneous bruising typically leads to an underlying blood disorder such as Blood Dyscrasias or low blood counts. An individual should take this condition seriously and seek tests such as:
• Total blood count
• Differential count
• Platelet count
• Prothromnin time and APTT

In the case any of these tests come back abnormal, an individual would need to contact a Hematologist.

What could cause a black bruise on the abdomen to appear for no reason in an elderly individual?

When an individual becomes older, fragility increases, and for a bruise to appear without injury may not be uncommon. Also, some antibiotics may cause an individual to bruise easily or even be a side effect of these medications. Vitamin C may be able to help with fragility as well as grape seed extract. An individual may need to contact a doctor to have a complete blood count completed to ensure the individual’s platelet levels are normal.

When a bruise occurs on any part of a person’s body, individuals may begin to wonder as to what has caused this bruise, if a bruise may cause other health related issues, or the treatment and cure for a bruise. When these questions occur, individuals may not know where to turn for answers. For more information, and reliable answers regarding bruises and its treatment, individuals can contact an Expert.
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