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Ford Bronco Troubleshooting

Are you facing problems starting and running your Ford Bronco? Or, are you facing problems with the rear window on your Ford Bronco? Problems with this model of Ford can vary depending on its maintenance and condition. Usually, straightforward problems may be presented through trouble codes and warnings on the system. Other problems may be more symptomatic requiring troubleshooting and diagnosis.

Listed below are a few questions answered by Experts for Ford Bronco car owners.   

What is causing starting problems and lack of fuel distribution on a 1986 Ford Bronco?

The problem here is likely a lack of fuel pressure from the electrical pump at the tank. If the connections to the pump are corroded or damaged, the pump may not be running at full speed or could cease at any point. Therefore, the relay switches should be checked completely and you should ensure its contacts are clean and bright. If any issues exist, the relay should be replaced along with the fuse. The pressure at the injector should be measured and if it is low, the pump should be checked as well. It may be a good idea to consider changing the fuel filter because if this partially blocked, it can reduce pressure.

What can be done if the 1995 Ford Bronco runs intermittently?

Case Details: The fuel pump, pressure regulator, and fuel filter were recently replaced.

Most likely, the problem here is caused by a defective fuel pump especially if air is exiting from the fuel rail service port. The supply line to the injector rail from the pump (including the pickup screen to the pump attachment) should be checked for breakage. If the pump is mounted properly and working correctly, there is no other manner in which air can enter the system. This can be verified by installing a fuel pressure gauge to the service port and monitor the actual pressure. Normal pressure on a working pump is between 32-45 PSI and should remain steady while the car is on and the engine cranking.

Why is the 1969 Ford Bronco able to run properly only with the choke partially closed?

This is most likely due to a vacuum leak within the motor requiring the choke to be closed partially to make the Bronco run better. All hoses and lines need to be examined to ensure they are free from cracks or breaks. In this type of situation, the intake manifold runners should be checked for leaks since their gaskets are commonly known to fail. A carburetor cleaner or brake ‘Kleen’ should be used to locate the leak. Once it is found, motor operation smoothens and idle increases.

What prevents the rear window motor on a 1990 Ford Bronco from working?

This could be due to insufficient amperage if voltage supply is fine since the motor requires correct amperage to operate properly. To test this, a test light should be used in place of a volt meter to check for 12 volts. Next, check for at least three amps at the wires. If it is not present, it could be a connection or switch issue. Usually, the issue lies with the switch at the front of the Ford. It is pretty common for it to behave abnormally when it becomes defective.

What causes the 1996 Ford Bronco to overheat and upper radiator hose collapsing on idle?

The most common cause for this problem is usually a defective radiator cap. If this cap cannot be tested or you have no means to do so, it would be a good idea to replace it and retest for correct operation.

What causes oxygen sensor related errors to persist on a 1996 Ford Bronco despite a recent replacement?

Case Details: Error displayed: oxygen sensor, bank one, sensors two are faulty 

The oxygen sensors are referred to as bank one sensor one or bank two sensor one. The downstream sensors present after the catalytic converter are referred to as sensor two. If the car is running rich, the PCM is directing the oxygen sensor to lean out but since it has reached its limits, to correct the issue, a code gets triggered. This may be because the converter is starting to fail or it is a vacuum leak. If there was an issue with the vacuum it can also trigger an oxygen code reading; bank one or bank two sensor one. A good scanner will display the readings/values of the sensors and if the sensors are reading incorrectly, the back pressure needs to be checked. It could also be a faulty oxygen sensor present after the catalytic converter.

Listed above are only some of the problems or questions you could face with the Ford Bronco. There may be several other questions which you may have regarding your car. This is where the value of Experts information can help provide answers, solutions or second opinions with respect to your particular Ford Bronco problem, quickly and economically.

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