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Bread Machine Problems

A bread machine, as the name indicates, is a machine or home appliance used to bake bread. Its structure is made up of a bread pan or tin which has built-in paddles at the bottom that are mounted in the center of a small special purpose oven. A simple built-in computer controls the oven through an easily accessible control panel. Most bread machines offer different baking cycles for different types of dough such as white bread, whole grain, French dough, and so on. Some also have a timer in order to activate them automatically as well custom style programs.

Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on issues related to bread machine problems.

My Hitachi bread machine is not mixing ingredients and though the drive belt seems to be in good condition, it does not move. What could be the reason?

The motor should make the belt move. Instead if there is no indication through sounds such as humming or squealing and there is just silence, most likely the motor has malfunctioned. It will probably need to be replaced.

My Bread Bakery bread maker was fixed with a kneading paddle that was purchased separately. However the ingredients are not being mixed properly. Why?

This seems like a case where the paddle may not be installed correctly and tightly on the motor shaft. The reason the ingredients are not mixing is because the paddle is not kneading the dough by turning with the motor shaft. Check that the paddle fits snugly on the shaft. Normally there is a set screw on the side of the shaft to tighten it or it may have a clip or something similar. Another reason could be that you may have bought a wrong paddle for that particular machine/model.

I have a Welbilt bread machine which only rises and mixes. Is it worth repairing?

In such a scenario, the cost of repair, including labor charges, are usually quite expensive. In most cases the cost to repair could exceed the cost of a new machine.

I recently purchased a bread machine and the ceramic bobbin holding the heading element broke. The machine is still under warranty. Should I risk fixing it myself?

If it is under warranty, it is always better to send the machine back to the manufacturer. However, if you do not want to avail the warranty, remember that you may not be able to reassemble everything back together and it may be better for a professional to fix it. Warranty of the machine may not be void if you are able to provide everything in its original condition.

Bread machines are not a very common household appliance as compared to an oven or microwave. People with an interest and flair for baking and consuming fresh homemade produce may own a bread machine while others may opt for store bought products. Bread machines are designed with specialized components to bake bread. However, you could face problems when ingredients don’t mix properly or when parts of the machine do not operate correctly. Unless you are confident in isolating the issue and taking corrective action on your own, seeking the help, information and guidance from Experts can prove very useful.
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