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Breach of Promise Questions

Breach of promise is generally an action allowing a person to sue another for withdrawing from an engagement. Breach of promise used to be a very common action used in many countries around the world, the law is now considered a tool used in a past era, outdated and basically obsolete. However, there are still some jurisdictions that acknowledge that ending an engagement after promises or assumptions have been pronounced, grounds for legal action if the affected party wishes to seek legal recourse. Below are a few of the more commonly asked questions regarding breach of promises that have been answered by Experts.

I am in the army and provide support for my girlfriend and her two kids. I put $1,500 down payment on a new car and brought two computers and paid half the rent. Now she is telling me that she is getting married. Can I get the money back that I have spent? We live in Texas.

Under Texas law, you may be able to sue your girlfriend for breach of promise if you were providing support for her and her children based on the promise of marriage. However, you will have to show proof that you were providing for the girlfriend and her children under the assumption that eventually your girlfriend and you would wed. It is hard to determine the outcome of a lawsuit based on the information you have provided. More than likely, the girlfriend would say that your payments were gifts during your relationship while you will say your payments were made upon the assumption that she would someday be your wife. You may want to consider stopping any payments to her now and leave while you are financially ahead. The cost of a lawsuit may cost more than the money that you have already spent on the girlfriend.

I'm currently in a legal matter that I filed breach of contract (to marry) for the return of an engagement ring and/or $10,000 ring value in Arizona. My ex-girlfriend is saying that she doesn't have to return the ring because I passed the statute of limitations for breach of contract of one year. What can I do?

Your ex-girlfriend is wrong about the statute of limitations. The Arizona statute of limitations for a breach of contract is actually 6 years. If you haven't exceeded the 6 year window, you still have time to sue. Your ex-girlfriend may be trying to stall you with the reasons that she shouldn't return the engagement ring or give you the monetary value of the ring. While your ex-girlfriend can give as many reasons for not returning the ring as she likes, the court will determine whether or not the ring should be returned and usually rules in favor of the donor (you). Your defense would be that you gave the engagement ring under the impression that your ex-girlfriend would one day be your wife, when that didn't happen, the ring should be returned. The court will have to determine if there was a breach of promise and it will rule accordingly.

Can a breach of contract or breach of promise be filed against a land lord? My landlord promised me in writing that I would be able to live in a home during the auction of foreclosure if I agreed to help show the home. Before I could help show the home she gave me a 3 day eviction notice.

You may not have a valid contract with the landlord based on the way your contract was laid out. In order for a contract to be valid, there first needs to be an offer, then an acceptance and an exchange of goods/services. Neither party actually did anything aside from making promises to perform in the future. The landlord promised to let you remain in your house, in return, you promised to assist her in showing the home. When you never began to perform on your promise, your part of the agreement was never validated, therefore your landlord could argue that the contract never became an active agreement.

A breach of promise may end up in a lawsuit for many people. Many people are unaware of the legal ramifications of a breach of promise. To clarify your doubts, you should ask an Expert to offer legal insight to the ins and outs of breach of promise, while assisting you in finding the best solution for your individual situation.
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