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Renault Brake Troubleshooting Questions

Are the brakes of your vehicle not working properly? Are you wondering if brake replacement is the solution to your problems? The one thing you can never take chances with is your vehicle’s brakes. The opinions of Experts can provide you with the information you need to get the right brake repairs done. Read below for a few of the many questions Experts have answered for owners.

Why does the parking brake on a Renault Scenic work intermittently?

Case Details: The “Check Parking Brake” message is being continuously displayed.

A faulty pump (also known as the “actuator”) is a common cause for this to happen. Since actuator replacement is expensive, doing a diagnostic scan first is the practical approach.

When removing the rear brake drum and hub assembly on a 2003 Renault Clio, should the inboard bearing come off also?

Case Details: The hub is not coming off and it appears that the bearing is sticking on the shaft.

The brake drum is supposed to come off with the bearing intact on it. These tend to stick in place. The best way to loosen the bearing to facilitate easy removal is to apply WD40 and allow some time for it to act. Then pull the drum off as straight as possible.

Why is the parking brake not working on one wheel of a Renault Laguna 1.9 DCi?

To find the cause of the problem the affected wheel will need to be removed. With the caliper now visible the friction surface can be inspected for any unusual wear which may call for replacement. The caliper piston should also be checked to see if it is seized. The handbrake lever on the caliper will also need to be checked. Even if the piston is free the lever arm may stick and if it does not return to stop, the actuator may not be able to adjust correctly. Another cause could be slicking slider pins. It is also possible that the brake pads may be seized in the carrier. If the problem is not in any of these areas, the controller/actuator is probably defective and will require replacement.

Why is there a loud sound of rushing air in the driver’s foot well of a 2003 Renault Scenic?

Case Details: The sound reduces when the brake pedal is depressed.

The type of sound and the location indicates the strong possibility of a leak in either the brake booster or in the supply line running to it. Brake booster leaks are the most common. To confirm this, the large supply hose that carries vacuum from the intake to the booster diaphragm will have to be disconnected and plugged. If a suitable plug is not available the hose can be crimped to prevent vacuum from passing through it. The vehicle can now be started and if the sound has disappeared, the booster diaphragm is probably leaking and will need replacement.

What can be done if the handbrake of a Renault Megane, that has not been driven for six months, has seized?

Case Details: This is a physical brake, not an EPB system.

Since this is not an EPB system, it may be possible to free the brakes by driving the car for a few feet. If this does not work, then the wheels will have to be removed to manually free the brakes.

Why is it that after starting the engine and shifting into 1st gear, the rear brakes of a Renault Laguna will not release?

Case Details: If the vehicle is put into reverse gear the brakes release immediately.

This is a problem that is known to occur on the model. It is typically due to a problem with the EPB system or a sensor. Since this is an electronic braking system, the only way to confirm where the problem lies is to connect the vehicle to a compatible diagnostic machine to that will identify the fault. A Renault dealer or independent Renault specialist shop will have the required equipment.

What could cause the ABS on a 2001 Renault Clio to automatically start gentle braking when the vehicle is cruising at a steady speed on a smooth surface?

This type of problem is typically caused by a bad ABS sensor or a fault in the ring gear in the ABS system. The only way to be sure of the cause is to hook up a compatible scanner to see what fault codes are stored in the vehicle’s computer.

What does the C1172 brake error message mean on a 2008 Renault Scenic?

The C1172 code is for a fault in the vehicle’s braking system but does not identify a specific issue or problem. The code usually appears in connection to a problem with the control module which may need to be replaced. Since the Renault brake system is electronically controlled the only way to locate the exact cause of the code appearing is to connect diagnostic equipment to the vehicle via the OBD socket. A scan will reveal the cause of the problem.

No one wants to drive a vehicle with faulty brakes. Proper diagnosis and the correct repairs are the only way to ensure that the brakes are working and the vehicle is safe to drive. If you want to know the nature of your Renault brake problem and the correct way to repair it, the insights of verified mechanical Experts will provide you with the information you need.

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