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BMW Brake Problems

BMWs are very sophisticated high performance cars and they have excellent braking systems to provide the optimum driving safety. However, even these systems can give problems and when signs of braking defects are noticed or warning lights seen, the issue must be addressed promptly.

However, many times when a person faces brake related issues, they may have questions. Questions related to BMW’s are often very specific and could warrant Expert help. Read below where Experts have answered many tough questions related to BMW brake problems

If a BMW brake warning lights come on after replacing the breaks, how can this be fixed??

In most cases on a BMW the warning lights will remain on because the wear sensors should be replaced along with the brake pads. The wear sensors are mounted to the left front and right rear inboard pads and rub on the rotor when the pads are worn which results in the warning lights coming on.

Once the sensors are changed, push the start button twice with the feet off the brake and clutch. When the check control image disappears and only the time is displayed on the LCD panel, press and hold the odometer reset button.

After a few seconds a yellow icon will appear indicating that a service warning light is on. Push and hold the BC button on the turn signal stalk until the display asks “Reset?” Release the BC button and then press it again and hold. A clock should appear and go away after a few seconds.

Now let the BC button go. Turn off the car and restart in the normal manner. The warning have been reset and the lights should no longer appear.

What is the recommended brake fluid to use in a BMW 2000 528i? Also what is causing the brake warning light (the one with the brake shoe) to come on if the front brake pads have been replaced.

The recommended brake fluid for your car is Dot 4. If the brake pads have been replaced, more than likely there is a damaged sensor causing the warning light and will need to be reset.. Insert the key in the ignition and turn it but not to the starting point. Leave it like that for at least one minute.

This will cause the system to do a self-check and should cause the warning light to reset and go off. If the problem remains, check the rear brake pads to see if they are worn and causing the light to come on.

What is the correct way to bleed the brake system on a BMW after the brake pipes have been replaced?

Ideally this should be done using a diagnostic tool and brake pressure bleed equipment. But if these are not available the procedure will be first flush the brake system completely by attaching a bleed hose with container to the bleed valve on the rear right brake caliper.

Open the valve and allow the brake fluid to flow until bubble free fluid is seen. Close the bleeder valve. Follow the same procedure on the other wheels. To bleed the rear axle brake circuit attach a bleed hose with container to the bleed valve on the rear right brake caliper and open the valve.

Allow the bleeding to take its course and after the process is completed, press the brake pedal fully down 5 times. Clear bubble free brake fluid will emerge. Close the valve and repeat the procedure on the rear left wheel. Repeat the same process for bleeding the front axle brake circuit.

I have replaced the brake pads, rotors and sensors on my 2006 BMW 750Li. How do I reset the iDrive?

Insert the remote control in the ignition lock. Keeping your foot off the brake pedal, press the Start/Stop button once. Locate the Reset Button on the upper left side of the instrument cluster and press and hold it for 5 seconds.

When a 4 line menu appears in the speedometer display, release the button. If the button is pressed after the menu appears, the system will go into the Instrument cluster test mode and the remote will have to be removed from the ignition to stop the process and you will have to begin all over again.

The menu you see will have service item listed in order of priority. Tap the Reset Button to move to the next set of service items. Select the service items with “!”or “-“ indications by tapping the FAS button on the side of the turn signal stalk. Now press and hold the Reset Button for a few seconds till a 2 line menu appears in the tachometer.

A 3rd menu line will appear to confirm the reset has been completed.

The brakes on a high performance car must work perfectly. When troubleshooting BMW brake problems or attempting BMW brake repair, follow the procedures given in the owner’s manual. If the information and help you need is not available there, the safest thing to do is to get the help and guidance of an Expert to solve your brake problems.

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