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Dodge Brake Problems

Dodge brake problems can be varied depending on the affected part. Some can be caused with usage while others can occur after brake replacement. One may have questions on Dodge brake problems or Dodge brake replacement. In either scenario, you need specific information and steps to arrive at the required solution. This information can be obtained with the assistance of Experts. To know more about Dodge brake problems, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

Why does the Dodge brake only work intermittently?

There could be a problem with the wheel speed sensor as it can get weak with age. They work on the principle where a small amount of voltage is generated as the car is driven. The faster one drives the higher the signal voltage is. If the sensors are weak the voltage produced can be marginally lower. This can result in a couple of MPH difference in the wheel speed to the ABS module. At a lower speed while stopping, the sensor stops producing voltage and goes to 0 mph. This can cause the ABS to turn on as well as the Dodge brake pedal to lose functionality. Another possibility can be a fading brake but this will not cause the pedal to drop. If the Dodge brakes are overworked especially if they are constituted of cheap pad material, rears are out of adjustment, during a hard or long stop, the brake can fade. Heat and gases can build up between the pads and rotor, however the pedal will display normal hardness if not more. Sometimes the problem can be inside the ABS hydraulic control unit or the master cylinder too.

What is the general cost to repair the Dodge brakes when they do no work, go completely to the floor and the brake fluid is also leaking?

To begin with any existing leak should be attended to first. The damage from leaking brake fluid may not be too high as long as the master cylinder does not go dry and the leak is not large. Master cylinders can fail abruptly without warning. It should be noted that even if there is fluid loss at the rear and the master goes dry, the Dodge brakes are designed in a manner where complete loss of brake functionality will not be experienced. This is a safety measure. With respect to the repair estimate, if the problem is a faulty master cylinder, cylinders can be bought for $100 and the labor to fix them is approximately one hour. In case wheel cylinders are also being replaced to fix a leak, they can cost $30 along with labor of one hour. Therefore, considering the labor rate at $100 per hour and adding the Dodge brake part cost, it is quite likely the estimate can lie in the $500 range.

Why do the front Dodge brakes keep locking up intermittently when pressure is applied?

The reason for this Dodge brake problem could be that if excessive brake fluid has been added when the fluid gets hot, there is no room for expansion, resulting in the above problem. Since the Dodge brake problem is intermittent, the front brake hoses should be changed as they could be collapsing internally. It is also better to carry this out on either side and ensure that the master cylinder reservoir is not overfilled. The cause for the rear brakes to squeak could be due to brake dust or when they are first used, there may be a little moisture present on the shoes.

Why do the front Dodge brakes lock up and heat up until smoke is released?

The booster can result in such problems if it fills partially with liquid or develops an internal vacuum valve problem. In case there isn’t complete release of pressure on the brake master cylinder while not braking actively, hydraulics are prevented from entering the master cylinder reservoir. This may be acceptable briefly, however when heat builds up at the outer Dodge brake parts, fluid in the system expands and eventually apply force to the brake pads. The heat rises as the force increases and builds rapidly from here. After this point the Dodge can start to feel sluggish with frequent transmission downshift since the driver would need to go deeper into the throttle to maintain speed. This can cause the Dodge brakes to smoke.

The Dodge brakes are important and require regular maintenance, inspection and repair. This facilitates smooth functioning of the brakes. Dodge brake problems can be varied, simple or complicated. You may consider taking on a Dodge brake replacement yourself and while doing so, there may be several questions or the need for right information. This is where Experts can provide step-by-step guidance to complete the task successfully.
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