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Brain Injury Questions

What is brain injury as well as the side-effects and treatments?

Traumatic brain injury or intracranial injury happens when an external force injures the brain in a traumatic way. Brain injury is classified based on whether it is closed or penetrating as well as on the severity, location and size.

traumatic brain injury is one of the major causes of disability and death throughout the world. This is especially true in young adults and children. Brain injury causes can include vehicle accidents, falling and violence. Brain injury prevention can include wearing seat beats or helmets.

Brain injury side effects can include a slew of physical, cognitive, emotional, social and behavior issues. Brain injury prognosis ranges from complete recovery to permanent disability or even death. This type of injuries treatment is often based on the type of injury that occurred. The treatment can include medications, surgery, physical therapy, speech therapy, recreation therapy, occupation therapy and vision therapy.

Brain injury whether mild, moderate or severe can be alarming. Uncertainties about the complications or different types can often lead to similar questions much like those answered below by Experts.

Can dementia be related to a penetrating brain injury from childhood at 60 years old?

An individual who has a history of penetrating brain injury that is also exhibiting symptoms of memory lapses, recall failure, forgetfulness and is sixty years old could be a possible sign of dementia. Dementia is a low progressive disorder that is depicted by symptoms of poor memory, failing of orientation or recall and lack of judgment. Dementia could also be related not only to age but also to brain injury. An exam by a doctor is often needed for a diagnosis.

When someone has a traumatic brain injury and encephalomalacia should they see a neurologist as now they are on Risperdal for delusions and paranoia?

A neurologist may not be able to offer any more assistance once the damage is done unless medications are needed for an issue such as seizures. Psychiatrists would be the doctor that needs to be seen in order to handle issues such as delusions and paranoia. These doctors are able to prescribe medications for these conditions.

If someone has a closed brain injury with multiple problems such as memory loss, inappropriate word use, and other problems with brain function; is there any brain injury treatment to fix this?

Cognitive rehabilitation typically offered by rehabilitation centers can often help with rerouting verbal functions as well as give tools for memory strategies. Rehabilitation centers are all over and physicians can often let the patient know where one is available nearby.

How could traumatic brain injury show up in a person’s medical records when at the time of the incident no mention of brain injury was diagnosed?

There are many degrees of severity for brain injury. Those who are stuck in the head, fall and hit their head, or receive any type of external force to the head will incur some type of brain injury. Brain injury can be very mild to very severe or even fatal. Technical classifications are mild, moderate, and severe. Brain injury that is very mild will still show on a medical report as brain injury.

Obtaining the right kind of information along with having a clear understanding about brain injury can prove to be beneficial when dealing with questions about brain injury. Experts can help answer questions about what brain injury symptoms are or what types of brain injury complications may occur. Quickly get the answers to what brain injury is or what brain injury types there may be by asking an Expert today.
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