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Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Bottom freezer refrigerators are a type or model of refrigerators where the freezer is located below the refrigeration section. It may be a drawer or a compartment with a door similar to the models with freezers located above the refrigerators. The principles of the unit work similar to a normal refrigerator and freezer unit, where cooling is achieved and maintained through temperature and air flow regulation from the freezer to the refrigerator section. Bottom freezer refrigerators may be more suitable where the freezer usage or requirement surpasses the refrigerator usage.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on bottom freezer refrigerator.

Why does my Amana bottom freezer refrigerator’s door not sealing properly? It is leaving a gap at the bottom right side. Ice is forming preventing the door to shut tightly.

You probably need to first remove the top hinge of the refrigerator and remove the refrigerator door by lifting it up and off. You will need to loosen the screws to do so. In order to adjust the door you could try loosening the screws going into the hinges which go at the top of the door as well as the screws which are at the bottom hinges of the door. Next open the refrigerator door and prop the freezer door up as much as possible. You can try using wood block or any support under the right side of the freezer door. Tighten the screws on both freezer door hinges and remove the support given. Check if the door has realigned by shutting the door. If it does not, the bottom hinge could be bent and may need to be replaced.

Why is my Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator’s ice maker not operating after being turned on by lowering the arm meant to dispense ice? It had not been used for several months during winter season.

Due to the unit being shut off during winter, the fill tube within the ice maker could have frozen solid preventing water from passing through the ice maker. What you will need to determine is whether the ice maker is not cycling and receiving water or whether the water supply to the refrigerator itself is affected. To check this you can fill the ice maker with a cup of water and wait for 24 hours so see if it cycles and produces ice. If this does not happen, you probably need to replace the ice maker since it could be defective. If it does cycle but does not fill with water, look for the fill tubes behind ice maker to see if they are frozen solid. You can use a hair dryer to help thaw out the ice. If the fill tube is not frozen, you probably need to replace the electronic valve at the back of the refrigerator where the water supply line from the house connects to the refrigerator.

Why is there water leaking from the bottom of my Monogram bottom freezer refrigerator? The lower portion is coated with ice and on cleaning the ice, the problem recurs.

In order to fix this problem effectively, you may need to dismantle the refrigerator which may be a complicated task. This is not recommended to be done at home by you. Another option you can try to clear the ice could be to unplug the refrigerator for 24 hours with the freezer open. You can probably move the contents to another refrigerator or stock it in a friend’s or relative’s home. The entire freezer needs to be cleaned out. Remove the back panel of the freezer to access the drain hole which should be in the middle, beneath the coils. Once you find it, pour hot water down the drain hole to melt out the ice and till the water drains freely into the drain pan.

Though the freezer of my Kenmore bottom refrigerator is functioning normally, why is refrigerator not cooling?

Though the freezer is functioning normally, you will need to inspect this component further since the refrigerator draws cool/cold air from the freezer to cool down. This is done by a fan which is located behind the back panel of the freezer which then circulates air into the refrigerator. If there is an issue with the fan, the fan motor may need to be replaced. First step would be to remove the back panel. If the fan is running and it is covered with frost, there could be a defrost issue preventing the fan from blowing air into the refrigerator effectively. Try thawing the fan completely and replace the defrost heating component to prevent failure to defrost.

It is important to equip yourself with basic information to handle issues that may crop up with your bottom freezer refrigerator. The freezer functioning affects the performance of the refrigerator to a large extent and issues with either the freezer or refrigerator needs to be addressed quickly as most people cannot manage without this appliance. Engaging the services of a technician for simple issues which can be handled by you will prove to be expensive as well as unnecessary. Therefore insights and information from Experts will be helpful and useful to tackle the problem immediately and effectively.
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