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Kia Borrego Problems

Has the Kia horn quit working? Are you having issues with the transmission? Just as with any vehicle, Kia Borrego also has its set of problems that may give rise to several questions. If a car owner is not able to find the right answer to these questions, consulting an Expert becomes highly essential. Read below where questions about Kia Borrego problems have been answered by Experts.  

How to connect a backup camera to a new radio unit on a Kia Borrego?

First, locate an access hole at the tailgate where the camera is mounted to insert the wiring. Then, run the wire from the top of the tailgate into the main body of the vehicle. One could route the wiring either through the driver’s or the passenger’s side of the vehicle; along the roof from rear to front side or across the floor by the door entrances to the radio.

What could cause a horn on a 2009 Kia Borrego to quit working?

A shorted out horn from leaking water or a faulty under hood horn relay could cause the issue described. Troubleshoot both these possibilities and find out the real cause of the problem.

What can cause the transmission on a Kia Borrego to get stuck and fail to shift in reverse or park?

This could be caused either by a faulty brake light switch or a defective anti-brake system (ABS) wheel speed sensor. Using a diagnostic scanner, scan the computer and check for error codes so the problem can be fixed.

How to turn a blinking 4 wheel low light back into its auto position in a Kia Borrego?

To do this, first shift the car into the neutral position and then allow it to sit for a couple of minutes prior to turning it back into auto mode. However, if it fails to work, try shaking the vehicle for a while and then repeat the entire procedure. This should be able to fix the problem.

What can cause a Kia Borrego to slow down and not run beyond 40mph with a check engine light on?

A faulty throttle position sensor or a failed accelerator pedal sensor can cause this to happen. A proper computer diagnosis from a dealer or auto shop is highly recommended to confirm the actual fault before any replacements are made.

How to fix a jammed electric seat in a Kia Borrego that fails to move back to exit?

First, verify if the slide motor underneath the front seat clicks while shifting the seat back and forth. If it doesn’t, disconnect the motor and try to check the yellow or orange wire at the motor plug for power using a test light. If there is power, it might indicate a failed seat motor from a stuck in-built limit switch. If not, the problem could most likely be with the memory seat module.

What could be the reason for a Kia Borrego to whine when accelerated?

It could either be from a defective steering gear or a faulty rack and pinion. First, jack up the vehicle and put it in gear. Then, rev it up and try to check if the whining noise is coming out from the steering gear. If not, take out the drive belt to verify if it stops the noise. If it does, the fault could be with one of the pulleys that may need to be replaced.

What could prevent the rear Kia Borrego blower from working and the blower light to flash on starting up?

A faulty rear blower circuit can cause this issue. To confirm the diagnosis, first have the front and rear control heads taken out. Then, check the voltage and continuity of the circuit. However, while doing so, make sure to avoid damaging the trim placed around the front and rear controllers. A Kia dealer may be better suited to help aid in a repair like this.

How to replace a low beam bulb on a Kia Borrego?

First, unplug the negative battery terminal and release the mounting screws of the headlamp assembly. Then, unplug the headlamp connector and free off the bolt that holds the front bumper upper support bracket. Then, unfasten the bumper retaining screw from the side spacer so the headlamp assembly can be easily removed. After this, take out the headlamp assembly along with the headlamp bulb without damaging the retaining clip to it. Then, disengage the set spring lock and pull out the headlamp high beam bulb. Thereafter, spin the headlamp low beam cap counter-clockwise to remove it and finally, have the headlamp low beam bulb taken out. For installation, follow the entire procedure in reverse manner.

When issues regarding the Kia Borrego arise, owners want to get it fixed as soon as possible so they are not without a vehicle. Some owners may not always have the correct knowledge and experience to identify and repair a Kia Borrego problem on their own. When this happens, an Expert’s guidance can help serve as the best possible alternative.

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