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Bordetella Vaccine for Dogs

What is Bordetella vaccine?

Bordetella bronchisepteica is the bacteria that causes kennel cough. This bacterium is used to make the bordetella vaccine. When this vaccine is directly dispensed into the dog’s body the dog builds immunity to the bacteria. This vaccine does not fully prevent your dog from getting kennel cough because there are other bacteria’s that can cause kennel cough. For more information on bordetella vaccine you can read below where the thousands of Experts have provided fast and reliable answers.

My small dog just received its bordetella vaccine and is now heaving with its ears standing up and curling backwards is this a side effect from the vaccine?

From the symptoms that your dog is showing do not sound like the normal reaction a dog would have if allergic to the bordetella vaccine. It more sounds as if your dog is reverse sneezing. The can be very common especially in small dogs. Many vets think that there might be an allergy factor to this and if the reverse sneezing becomes very bad an allergy medication may be implemented. Now for the ears this is most likely because the dog is growing, as a puppy grows the cartilage in the dogs eats will start to become hard and will change the shape of the puppy’s ear.

My dog got the bordetella vaccine and 2 days later my dog started vomiting after eating, can this be from the vaccine?

It is not very likely that the bordetella vaccine would be causing the problems that your dog is having. The bordetella vaccine is normally safe for dogs. The most common reaction to intranasal bordetella vaccine is nasal drainage and sometimes sneezing. One of the main reasons that it is not likely that the vaccine is not causing the vomiting is because normally a reaction to the vaccination will show up in just a few minutes. There are not very many cases where intranasal vaccine has given a dog any problems. The intranasal vaccine is given to quicken the assembly of antibodies that help attack bordetella in the nose which is where the bordetella bacteria enter the dog’s body.

What can I do to prevent the spread of bordetella at the dog daycare?

Most likely the best thing that you can do to help prevent the spread of the bordetella bacteria is to make sure that you dog is up to date on its bordetella vaccine. One thing that you might consider is giving your dog an intranasal bordetella vaccine, to help decrease the seriousness of the disease. Many of the bordetella vaccines do not actually prevent a dog from getting kennel cough; it just helps decrease the severity of the disease and the symptoms that come with the disease. If your dog has kennel cough then it is very likely that your dog is contagious to the other dogs that are at the daycare. Probably the best thing you could do is to keep your dog at home for a few weeks so you do not spread the bacteria.

My dog died 6 hours after getting the bordetella vaccine, my dog had symptoms of panting, frothy vomit could this be from the vaccination?

The actuality of the vaccine being the cause of death is very rare considering the symptoms that were described. Reactions to the vaccine are more of swelling of the tissues in the throat, and nasal drainage. From the sounds of things it might be aspiration pneumonitis that your dog is suffering from. This circumstance arises when a dog breathes in their vomit rather than spitting it out. When this happens to a dog death comes very quickly and there is not much that can be done for the dog. This is not to say that the vaccine did not upset the dog’s stomach, in a result of the dog inhaling its vomit on accident.

Vaccines in your dog are very important issue that many dog owners don’t know very much about. The bordetella vaccine can be very helpful for your dog, this vaccine can help fight off kennel cough. Kennel cough can be a serious virus, but you can keep your dog safe by making sure your dog is up to date on vaccines. Do you still need more information regarding bordetella vaccine you can contact the many Experts for fast and affordable answers.
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