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Boot Camp Problems

Boot camp is often called Basic Training. Each section of the Military has its own basic training. There is Air force boot camp, Marine boot camp, National Guard boot camp, Navy boot camp as well as Coast Guard. Each of these Services has its own training program, tailoring the curriculum to the specialized nature of its role in the Military. No matter which branch of the Service a recruit chooses, boot camp is an intense experience. Even with all the horror stories one tends to hear about boot camp, boot camp problems aren’t as frequent as we would think, about 90 percent of recruits make it through boot camp and continue into the Military. Read below where questions regarding Military Boot Camp have been answered by the Experts.

What is a Military boot camp?

Military boot camp is where an everyday civilian goes through training to get them conditioned for the Military. Boot camp is to prepare individuals for the possibility that they may go into combat. Most Military boot camp will last 9 weeks to help physically, mentally and emotionally prepare a potential soldier for what they may experience once they are in the Military.

If someone has not left for boot camp yet, can he or she change his or her mind about going?

In most situations, if the individual has not yet been sworn in at MEPS for active duty they may be able to contact their commanding officer or recruiter and withdrawal themselves from the Military. However, many times once you have signed up and have been admitted to boot camp, the sworn in portion happens the day that a person begins boot camp.

If someone was discharged from Marine boot camp with a diagnosis of asthma, is there any way to fight the discharge?

Usually once the command makes their decision, the decision stands. However, depending on the characterization of the reenlistment code there might be reenlistment after speaking with a different doctor. Once medical issues have been resolved there is often a chance of to a different branch of the military for enlistment.

Can someone get out of the Marines after completing his/her boot camp training?

In most cases it is not likely unless there is a medical reason to be discharged from the Marines. A few of the main reasons for discharge would be; fraudulent enlistment, medical problems that keep the person from being deployable, disciplinary issues, or AWOL. Many of these types of discharges would be less than honorable and may impose significant negative results for a person entering back into the civilian workforce.

Civilian boot camps are becoming more popular to get individuals ready for the “real” Military boot camp. Not only is there Army boot camp, but there is Navy boot camp and Marine boot camp as well. When entering a boot camp program, many people often do not realize or prepare themselves for boot camp problems that can arise. Many times these problems are caused from lack of preparedness and basically from not understanding what is expected of them. If you or someone you know may be thinking of entering a Military boot camp, you may want to consult with Experts that deal with Military Law prior to taking such a big step.
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