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Boiler Problems

What is a boiler?

Boilers are usually a closed vessel large or small in size based on the need, in which water or any other type of fluid is heated. The water or liquid which is heated or vaporized in the boiler, is then routed out to be used for various purposes and heating applications such as power generation, central heating, cooking and sanitation. Heat in the boilers is generated generally through the combustion of fuels such as wood, coal, oil or natural gas. Electric boilers use the principle of resistance or immersion type heating elements. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on boiler problems.

If a Kenmore power miser boiler is dripping water, what could be the problem and is there any danger in letting the water to continue to drip?

First you need to be sure where the leak is originating from. If there is no leak from where the water enters and exits or at the drain, it could be the tank which is leaking. In this case the heater may need to be replaced. Check if warranty exists and for a receipt to return to the seller. Operating the boiler while it is leaking can eventually make the damage worse. It could put off the flame. Though there will be safety measures in place to prevent gas buildup, gas is highly explosive and there can be dangers due to gas leaks and fire hazards. Hence it is probably better to address this issue at the earliest.

What can someone do if a gas boiler is not igniting though the pilot light and circulator is pumping?

This seems to be a 24 volts system. First thing you should check is if you are receiving 24 volts AC to the gas valve. If the voltage is fine but the burners have no flames, the gas valve could be defective. If there is no voltage registered, check the aquastat for a 24 volts reading across the terminals. Normally you should not get this reading but if you do get a reading of 24 volts, jump the terminals and check if the burners light.

How would someone restart the central heating which has a Worcester boiler?

Try the following steps to ensure you have lit the appliance. The water valve to the central heating circuit should be open. If you have a sealed system ensure the grey needle of the pressure gauge is not below the prescribed pressure. The electric mains should be on. When the green “power on” indicator illuminates, the room thermostat should be set at maximum. Turn the central heating temperature control knob to “max”. The red central heating demand indicator should light up. The burner will then come on and red flame detection indicator will also light up. Next set the central heating, water temperature control and the room temperature knobs to the desired temperature.

If an upper boiler circuited and it has been replaced, however the upper boiler and baker is still not working, even though the lower unit is what could be the problem?

The first thing you will need to confirm is if the oven is receiving 240 volts. If it is, the broil element could have short circuited within the control board. In order to address this problem you will need to order and replace the control board.

What could be the problem if an oil fired Stanley boiler will not fire up, and a red light comes on when the boiler ignites for a few seconds and turns off?

This is most likely a flame sensor issue. The flame sensor needs to receive a signal that the burner is lit with a flame intact. If it does not get this signal, it can shut down the gas supply to the burner. Inspect the burner for a sensor in the flame. Check the connections of all wires at the controller to rule out any loose connections. Ensure the sensor is inside the flame.

Boilers are one of the main and important components in a heating system. Any issues you may face with them need to be interpreted and then examined carefully as you are dealing with a source of heat and pressure. It can be difficult for an inexperienced person to deal with the issues on their own. To get a fair idea regarding boiler troubleshooting, Experts can offer solutions and answers to many boiler problems.
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