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Body Piercing Procedure

Body piercing refers to a kind of modification that is done by puncturing or cutting through the skin to wear jewellery. The piercings can be made on different parts of the body like ears, eyebrows, naval, tongue, nose, etc. Jewellery of different materials and designs can be worn once the piercing is made. Individuals who have piercings or want to get one may have different questions about the process and its safety. Given below are some of the commonly asked questions about body piercings that have been answered by different Experts.

Can a person die from a body piercing?

An individual may not die from a body piercing directly if the instruments used were sterile and cleaned properly. However, if the equipment was contaminated, the individual can get skin infections, hepatitis or HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and this can lead to death.

What kind of jewellery should an individual wear if the skin gets red and swollen after a piercing?

Red and swollen skin can indicate nickel allergy. Hence, an individual should wear jewellery that does not contain nickel after a piercing. He/she can wear jewellery made of nickel free stainless steel, surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, 18 karat yellow gold, nickel free 14 carat yellow gold, sterling silver, copper and platinum. The individual should also avoid anything made of cobalt and white gold as these two metals may contain nickel.

Would a body piercing be considered a wound medically?

A body piercing would be considering a wound medically since it is a cut in the skin.

Can an HIV positive person get a body piercing?

It may be safe for an HIV positive person to get a body piercing as long as he/she does not have AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and has a strong immune system. However, the person must inform the individual who is doing the piercing about the HIV so that proper precautions can be taken.

What are the different types of infections that an individual can contract from piercings?

One can get different infections like hepatitis B, hepatitis C, local bacterial infections, HIV, staph and strep infections. Sometimes, one may also get renal and cardiac problems.

Is it safe for a person to get a genital piercing at home?

The risk of infection is very high in a genital piercing. The scar tissue can also swell up and look like a knot under the skin. In some cases, it can turn purple looking like an STD (sexually transmitted disease). Hence, it may not be recommended to get a genital piercing at home.

Can an individual contract herpes if they get a piercing?

Herpes is transmitted when a person comes in direct contact with the skin of the infected person. Hence, if the individual doing the piercing is properly dressed, the infection will not be transmitted.

What is the legal age for a naval piercing in the state of Virginia?

The laws of Virginia state that an individual cannot get a naval piercing till 18 years of age. If younger than 18, the piercing should be done in the presence of a parent or guardian and under the supervision of a medical doctor, registered nurse or any other medical services personnel. Not following this law will be considered to be a Class 3 misdemeanor.

Where can an individual learn body piercing in Atlanta?

An individual can attend different piercing schools and take up courses to learn how to do body piercing. One such school is the Primal Instinct Body Piercing School.

Body piercing has become a fashion trend these days with many people trying it. The most common age group for piercing any part of the body is between 15 and 29 years. Though it is done most of the times and is a very popular practice, it does involve certain risks and side effects that you must be aware of. You should try and avoid piercing your body on your own and get the necessary precautions. You may have many questions about the process and risks involved in body piercing. You can speak to an Expert and get any questions that you may have about body piercing answered.
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