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BMW M6 Related Questions

Do you need to troubleshoot a problem with the speakers in a BMW M6? Do you hear a clunking noise from the rear end of a BMW M6? This is the high-performance variant of the German automaker’s full-size 6-Series Coupe. It combines corrupting power with a coddling interior, plenty of technology features and sleek, stylish sheet metal. A DSC malfunction or a PDC failure could give rise to questions in the minds of owners who expect to get answers. Read below where Experts have answered questions about the BMW M6.

How to troubleshoot a problem with the driver’s side door speakers not working on a 2006 BMW M6?

The quickest way to find if the speaker is faulty is to swap the driver’s door speaker for the "dead" one. You will only need to connect the wires, and that will tell you if you are getting speaker feed to that speaker. That will tell you straightaway if it’s a faulty speaker or not. If it is faulty, you will need to replace it. If it’s not, you need to carefully check the wires where they come from the car body through to the door and the connections there as they could be the cause. If the fuses are intact, there is no problem. If they are not, replace them and see if it works. If all the above are okay, then the amp is the suspect.  

What could cause a DSC malfunction in a 2006 BMW M6?

There could be many reasons for this malfunction. It could be a bad wheel sensor, bad steering angle sensor, bad control module, etc. You would need to have the fault log read from the car at BMW. The car logs a record of the problem when this happens, and this record can be read out using special equipment at the dealer. Once the fault log is read out, the problem will be identified and fixed.

How to jump start the battery of a 2008 BMW M6 if it doesn’t start?

The positive cap is under the hood. The negative jumper cable can be grounded anywhere on the vehicle's frame (that's where the negative terminal of your battery is connected). Once you have attached the cables, start the other car; with the other car running, start the M6. If it won't go, reverse the other car while trying to start the M6. This should get the car started for you. Drive it around for 20-30 minutes to charge the battery via the alternator. If the engine does not turn over on the M6, the interior lights don’t come on, and the starter does not click, this isn't a battery issue. There is a major vehicle malfunction here. You would need to call BMW and have the car towed to the dealer for a proper diagnosis and repair. 

What could cause the green lamp on the PDC system to flash indicating PDC failure in a BMW M6?

It could be that the control module has failed. The modules fail quite often; they are located in the spare tire well, and can often become water damaged. The other thing it might be is a failed sensor; however this would normally set a clear fault that would point to the issue. One failed sensor will cause the entire system to stop functioning, so this is also possible. When the sensors are active, they make a clicking noise, so the dealer should be able to identify a failed sensor by this method if that is the case.

What could cause a clunking noise from the rearend of a 1987 BMW M-6 with140,000 miles?

If the noise is most noticeable at slower speeds when the rearend rocks from side to side, it could be that the rear wheel bearings are bad and would need to be replaced. 

The BMW M6 is a high-performance version of the 6 Series coupe/convertible, designed by the motorsport division of BMW. Being a high performance vehicle, routine vehicle maintenance is important. Nothing shortens a vehicle’s life faster than a lack of maintenance. Changing the oil is also necessary as it gets rid of all the contaminants and prevents them from harming your engine. In spite of all the vehicle maintenance, things could still go wrong with a vehicle, which owners may not be able to handle. Verified Experts are ready to offer assistance with a BMW M6 as and when required.

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