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BMW 530I Related Questions

Do you need to replace an MAF sensor in a BMW 530I? Does your BMW 530I crank, but not turnover? The BMW 530I is part of BMW 5 series cars. It is an executive car that is not only practical, but provides for an engaging driving experience as well. Loud clicking noises or cranking but not turning over, could cause a lot of inconvenience. Owners may not know the reasons for the above, and questions arise in their minds. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding the BMW 530I.

Is it necessary to change the rotors when the pads are changed in a 2005 BMW 530I?

It is always good to replace the rotors along with the pads. Replacing the pads with old rotors is a bit of a gamble if the rotors are damaged. It is not a difficult job to replace both the pads and rotors.

What could prevent the A/C fan from turning off in a 2002 BMW 530I when the car keys are removed and the ignition is off?

This is a fairly common problem. It could be that the fan speed controller, the final stage resistor, or FSR or FSU has failed and needs to be replaced.

What could cause a loud clicking sound in a 1994 BMW 530I instead of it turning over?

This problem is usually due to a low battery or a failed starter. You could try to jump start it, and if the starter still will not spin over with a jump, then it is a faulty starter. It may also be some kind of voltage drop at the starter, leaving it with insufficient power to turn.

How to replace a MAF sensor in a 2005 BMW 530I?

The sensor is an insert as opposed to the complete housing. It is located in the same general area. Removal and installation of the mass air flow sensor are as follows:

It is important to make sure your hands are clean. Avoid contamination by lubricants and greases that contain oil.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

  • Read out the DME fault memory.
  • Unlock and detach plug connection.
  • Loosen screws.
  • Remove HFM sensor in the direction of the arrow.
  • Grip HFM sensor in the upper area only.

While installing, pay attention to the retaining groove.

  • Check the sealing ring for damage and replace, if necessary.
  • Check NTC pellet for contamination and damage.
  • Avoid contamination of flange geometry by lubricants containing oil and foreign bodies (dust).
  • Pay attention to the locating pin.

What could cause a 2004 BMW 530I to crank, but not turn over after a car wash?

There could be many reasons for this:

  • It could be because it is not getting sufficient fuel, spark, or has insufficient compression. Sometimes, the electronics can get damaged after a car wash due to the entry of water; this could prevent it from starting.
  • It could also be a fuel blockage or restriction or pressure problem (ie. failing pump) or a problem with power supply to the pump.
  • There could be no spark due to a bad crank sensor or other ECU/engine management issue.

It is most likely a failing fuel pump; however, proper checks will need to be made for spark, power to the fuel pump and fuel pressure. Apart from the above, you need to check for water entry and compression. 

How to check a 2004 BMW 530I which cranks, but won’t turn over?

This would depend on your abilities and equipment.

  • You can check for power to the pump with a meter during cranking.
  • You will need a fuel pressure test gauge to check the fuel pressure.
  • Pull apart the trim in the trunk and the ebox in the engine compartment to look for signs of water.
  • Check for spark using a spark tester, or spray starter fluid into the intake to see if the car starts on that. You could also try pulling a plug and watching for spark during cranking.

The BMW 530I is loaded with several innovative features. Powered by a 3.0-liter, 255-hp inline-six engine with Double VANOS valve timing, the 530I sets a benchmark for performance and agility. When owners need assistance to replace an MAF sensor or solve any other problem, it will be a relief to know that verified Experts offer assistance from the comfort of your home.

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