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BMW 330XI Related Questions

Do you need to troubleshoot a BMW 330XI which overheats? Do you need to install a muffler on a BMW 330XI? The BMW X1 is a refined cruiser that's also composed in bends; it is easy on fuel, and CO2 emissions are low. However, just like any other vehicle, owners could experience problems with it. When owners experience problems, questions arise. Read below where Experts have answered questions about the BMW 330XI.

How to replace a starter on a 2003 BMW 330XI?

Some may find it a difficult task to replace the starter. Removing the starter would require removing the driveshaft and the transmission mount and lowering the drivetrain a few inches to gain access. Another method is to remove the intake manifold and replace the starter from the top of the vehicle; however, removing the intake manifold is a long job (four hours or more) with lots of hoses/electrical connections, etc. You must make sure that everything is reattached properly.

How to troubleshoot a 2004 BMW 330XI which overheats when stopped for an extended period of time?

This could probably be due to a bad fan clutch, electric fan or water pump. The first step would be to see if the electric fan is running when this happens. If it is running, it is good. Next, test the fan clutch. If it is also good, the water pump is most likely the issue.

What could cause a vibration in a 2004 BMW 330XI when the gas is stepped on and the car is in gear?

When there is a vibration when accelerating, it's generally caused by a bad driveshaft component. There is a rubber flex disc "guibo" between the driveshaft and the transmission output flange. This can go bad over time due to cracking and cause the driveshaft to go out of balance when there is a lot of torque transfer happening. It could also be a bad rubber-mounted center support bearing (csb). This can cause a similar symptom. You would need to inspect the vehicle's driveshaft. 

How to install a muffler on a BMW 330XI?

The muffler is attached to the exhaust pipe with a clamp. You will need to unbolt and slide the clamp out of the way. Then you will need a torch to heat up the connection where the muffler slides into the exhaust pipe until you can wiggle the muffler off it. You will not be able to slide the muffler out of the exhaust pipe unless the connection is heated. The connection is extremely tight due to the clamps. Once it is out, you could just slide the new one into the exhaust pipe and clamp it in place.

What could cause a 2001 BMW 330XI to run very rough and display codes  P0174; P1344; P0300; P1349; PO128; P1353; P1351?

The code P0128 indicates that there is a failed thermostat. You will most likely need to replace it to fix this code. The rest of the codes are related to random misfires, cylinder misfires and a lean condition. Based on these codes, it could be that there is an intake vacuum leak.

Unmetered air leaks allow excess air into the engine and cause the fuel/air mixture to go out of alignment and cause idle fluctuation like you are experiencing. They would also set the fault codes you have.

  • To check for vacuum leaks, visually inspect the intake area for any cracked hoses/pipes. If you can't see anything, you can spray a can of carb cleaner around the intake with the engine idling. If the idle changes, it is an indication that the cleaner is entering the engine and you have localized the area of the leak. You can then inspect further. The most common source of air leaks is the rubber intake tubes between the air box and the throttle. 

Another cause of this problem is a failed crankcase vent valve. This is located under the intake, in front of the throttle body. This valve regulates a vacuum on the crankcase; when it fails, a high vacuum is put on the crankcase, giving an unmetered air leak. Check this by removing the oil cap with the engine running. If the engine stalls, or idle dips a lot, and there is a high vacuum holding the oil cap down, then this valve has failed.

If after replacing the thermostat, verifying that there are no vacuum leaks, and that the crank case vent valve is fine, you are still getting all these codes, you may have a failed mass airflow sensor or a fuel pressure problem.

The BMW 330XI is designed to give comfort to its occupants. The rich dual tone interiors are inviting and can seat four adults in comfort. It has good driving dynamics; however, when problems arise, owners may not be able to handle them on their own. These are times when they could turn to Experts for guidance. Verified Experts are available to answer owners’ questions from the comfort of your home. 

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