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Bluetooth Problems and Troubleshooting

Bluetooth is a type of technology that links various electronic devices to each other over a limited distance. Typically this is over a range of 10 meters, using low-power radio communications. These devices use Bluetooth protocols as the medium of communication. As many believe, Bluetooth is not a replacement for Wi-Fi. Being a relatively new to technology, many are confused about what Bluetooth means and how it works. Below Experts answer Bluetooth questions and address the issues many users face.

How much power does Bluetooth consume on a typical cell phone? Does it justify being turned off when not in use?

Take an iPhone 4S for example, which uses state-of-the-art Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It now consumes peak energy of 15mA as compared with earlier Bluetooth versions which went to 25mA. Furthermore, when at idle it consumes no power at all that makes it an immense power-saving device. This means that any device installed with Bluetooth 4.0 may be left on without any battery drain. Refer to the table below which provides a comparison of the specification: bluetooth specs

Could Bluetooth enabled Sennheiser headphones be connected to a Samsung TV which does not have Bluetooth?

‘Audio Bluetooth Transmitter’ devices are available which converts sound that’s wired into a Bluetooth wireless sound source. One of these devices will be ideal to covert wired audio output from the Samsung TV into Bluetooth wireless output. The features of the TV will now be a Bluetooth audio transmitter.

When a Samsung SGH-J706 mobile phone is linked to any new device it shows a ‘Bluetooth activation error’, how does one troubleshoot this problem?

A hard reset under settings could be a solution for this phone. Before doing this, ensure that all files and contacts are saved on SIM, after which remove the SIM. This is done to avoid the risk of everything being erased if a reset does not work. If the reset fails to provide a solution there may be a problem with the phone which might have to be replaced.

A Plantronics 360 Bluetooth suddenly stopped working after a year, how can this phone be repaired?

Plug the connected USB (Universal Serial Bus) cord into the headset till the blue light turns on.

Unplug it quickly so the headset remains on. If it is plugged till the red charging light comes on it will turn off when unplugged.

If no blue light turns on something else could possibly be wrong such as the battery A year is a long period for these batteries and a replacement might be on the cards. For a battery replacement contact any electronics repair shop but ask for a quotation first.

How can a Samsung MP3 be stuck in Bluetooth mode be repaired?

By pressing the Menu key with the A-B keys the device has been reset already. Check that the HOLD switch points toward the arrow; if it points anywhere else none of the buttons will respond. If the buttons still do not respond, remove the battery and allow a few minutes to elapse before replacing it. Power the device on. If the problem is solved all the keys should respond and the device should be able to change to the other modes.

Despite its numerous advantages Bluetooth has a host of limitations. This technology is no replacement for Wi-Fi because it is much slower, has a far more limitations and cannot support as many devices. Nonetheless it is a useful power-saving technology which offers considerable benefits within its capacity. To get the most out of Bluetooth consult an Expert for more information.
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