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Car Bluetooth Related Questions

Has your Bluetooth enabled device suddenly stopped working? Do you need to know if a particular device is Bluetooth capable? For convenience, Bluetooth enabled devices in cars are becoming increasingly popular. But these devices have their own share of problems most of which relate to faulty settings and pairings. If you have a problem with one of your devices and don’t have the knowledge to troubleshoot it, ask an Expert.

Read below where Experts have answered questions in issues related to car Bluetooth systems.

Why does an Alpine CDE- 125EBT 25 not recognize an iPhone 5S connected to it though the Bluetooth logo displays?

This combination does not support music through Bluetooth. For Bluetooth the ALPINE FULL SPEED Connection Cable (KCE-433iV) will need to be used but it works only with iPhones up to the 4 and will not work with this model.

How to troubleshoot a Kenwood KDC-U556BT which connects via Bluetooth and displays songs, but has no audio only on AUX and Bluetooth?

Case Details: The radio and CD player both work fine.

Probably the only thing that can be done is to try to reset the unit. A reset is a test and possible fix which forces the unit to revert to factory default settings. It is designed to remove all glitches and configuration errors but the downside is that it also erases all presets, memories and user preferences. After a reset the system will need to be initialized which might need to be done multiple times. This problem could be because of a firmware issue which a reset will not correct. Nor can a reset correct any internal hardware fault. A reset may also highlight other hidden issues.

Can the Bluetooth function be disabled on a Kenwood DDX372BT since the phone connections and radio have stopped working?

This is a known problem with Bluetooth. On the radio setup find the paired devices and clear the list, then pair them once more to the phone. The other option is to go to OEM options and turn off Bluetooth. This is a temporary solution but will not correct the problem.

When a Kenwood car stereo is paired with a Samsung Galaxy S5 via Bluetooth why is it not able to download Pandora integration information with a Pandora connection?

Delete the pairing then re-pair the Samsung phone with the Kenwood stereo again.

What could cause a phone to quit Bluetooth pairing with a car? 

A mismatch could have developed between the Bluetooth firmware in the car and the phone software. Update the firmware/software in both and pair the Bluetooth connection again which may resolve the problem.

Is the Nuvi 255WT Bluetooth capable?

No, the Garmin Nuvi 255WT is not Bluetooth capable though Garmin does have other models which are.

Can a Nokia 5910 be paired with a TCU unit in a BMW via Bluetooth?

Since the Nokia 5910 lacks Bluetooth, this will not be possible.

Why is it not possible to hear the person being called through Bluetooth though one can dial out through the head unit?

Recheck and update the firmware/software on both the phone and head unit. Once that is done disconnect the Bluetooth and make the connection again.

What could cause a radio and iPhone to show Bluetooth is connected, then pairing is deleted, then the connection breaks off? 

First, check in systems settings that Bluetooth has been set for ‘auto pairing.’ Then when the devices have paired, save the pairing by pressing the volume knob or else they will disconnect. This will confirm that the step should be saved for auto connecting in future. If the pairing is being initiated from an iOS device try to make the device discoverable and initiate the pairing from the HU or the other way about.

Most users need help to get the most out of their car Bluetooth systems. If you are one of those users that needs more information and solutions, ask a verified Expert. Verified Experts online provide customized answers to all questions concerning car Bluetooth systems.

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