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Blower Motor Problems

Blower motors is the main and probably the most important component especially in clothes dryers, microwaves or ovens. These motors have various mechanisms to operate the appliance they are placed in and also have control limits to tackle overheating. Issues with the blower motors can cause major problems with the appliances. To know more about blower motor troubleshooting, listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on blower motor problems.

What is the remedy for a blower motor which does not work on a GE Harmony electric dryer because the fan blades jerk?

A blade struggling or jerking indicates the motor is trying to start but failing. The motor will have a thermal overload limit hence if the winding gets overheated, the motor shuts down until it cools off. This prevents overheating and burning. Jerking in both directions could mean a faulty starting capacitor. To check this, unplug the unit and look for a three inch long and an inch in diameter black cylinder with two terminals located beside the motor. Discharge the capacitor using a jumper wire between the terminals. Check for any loose connections. If present, you will need to replace the capacitor.

Is it possible to alter the exhaust of the blower motor in a microwave from a rear discharge to a bottom discharge?

In some situations this may not be possible to reverse the blower motor to exhaust out of the bottom but you could alter it to blow out through the top, back or circulate out through the front portion. To do so, it is possible to turn the blower motor after you have bought it. You will need to dismantle the microwave and remove all the screws which hold the outer cover in place. The shell or cover will come off once you have done that. After which you can access the blower motor and turn it in another or required direction.

How would someone access a blower motor in order to clean lint on a Bosch front load dryer?

There is a possibility to access the blower motor from the front through the door panel however this could be a tedious task for an inexperienced person. It is probably a better option to approach it from the back. The panel at the back is held on with about thirty screws and it supports the drum. Access to this part will allow you access to the blower motor in this unit.

How would someone replace the blower motor on a Kitchenaide oven?

First thing an individual should do is pull the unit away from the wall or remove it from any cabinet it may be placed inside. This makes the process of replacing faster and simpler. After removing the unit from its place of use, place it on a sturdy surface of the same height and turn off the breaker or main switch. Remove the screws on the top cover and slide it out. Find the screws of the top plate and remove the top plate to reach the motor. Inspect the motor for the screws and wires holding it in place. Remove the screws, unplug the wires and transfer them into the new motor, thereby installing the new motor. Test it by turning the breaker on. Once tested, turn off the breaker and reassemble the unit to place it back in its position.

What could be the average cost in parts and labor to repair a blower motor on an air conditioner?

On many occasions a technician could advise the individual to replace the whole unit rather than repair. In this case, the blower motor can be repaired. The motor can be tested and it is possible the burnt smell is because of an overheated motor or a jammed rotor. The name plate on the motor has the pertinent information required based on which the cost can vary. However if the individual is looking to replace the blower motor, a new one will not cost more than $125 and one hour of labor including travel could cost the individual around $85. These prices are just an estimate and can vary depending on location, and what is exactly wrong with the blower motor.

How would someone access and remove the blower motor on a Maytag dryer model?

In this brand the blower motor can be reached from the front of the dryer. Each corner has spring clips. Use a flat screwdriver to push in the clips. This action releases the top. Next remove the screws holding the front panel in place. Remove the front bearing and you will have access to the blower motor. If it is noisy check the blower bearing for wear and tear.

Blower motors is one of the most significant components which are present in most appliances such as dryers, ovens, air conditioners and so on. They perform important functions and issues with them can cause the whole unit to fail or not function efficiently. In order to know more about blower motor problems, blower motor replacement and repair, Experts are a good option to consult. Experts can provide individuals with effective as well as affordable solutions.
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