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Ford Blower Motor Questions

A Ford blower motor is a mechanical device that is used in the cooling of an engine, operation of an air conditioner and controlling of air flow in a Ford vehicle. However, car owners can face trouble with blower motors over time. Some of these problems include a failed motor switch or resistor, open fuse, bad motor relay and faulty blower motor. In such a situation, contacting an Expert can help in repairing a particular problem.

Below are frequently asked questions on issues related to Ford blower motors that have been answered by the Experts.

What could cause a Ford blower motor to fail to run with no heat although the fuse seems good?

A defective motor can cause this to happen and may need to be replaced. Troubleshoot the problem by inspecting the motor for power and ground with a meter or test light to determine the true cause of the problem.

How does one verify if a bad blower motor is the only reason for the front air conditioner to fail to work while the rear one works fine in a Ford vehicle?

Using a test light, first verify if the blower motor connector under the hood on the passenger side firewall has both power and ground to it. If it does, inspect the dash and the hood for any blown fuses. This will allow one to confirm the fault.

Why would a rear Ford blower motor on a 2005 Ford Freestar car cease to run?

Case details: Fuses seem alright, relays making a clicking sound.

First, turn on the key and jolt the orange/red wire connected to the rear blow resistor. Then, have a wire jumped to a metal or ground. If the blower motor starts to function, it is a faulty resistor that could cause this to happen.  

What can a person do if a Ford blower motor fails to work even if the resistor was replaced earlier?

Case details: Also changed blower, speed control switch, resistor and selector switch.

If the motor fails to work with a replaced resistor, try removing the worn out wiring connectors by having a jumper wire installed in it. However, make sure the resistor has a retaining screw option on it. One may consult an Expert to help with a replacement like this.

How can one remove a Ford blower motor?

To do this, first take out the bolt that secures the cruise control servo on the fender beside the blower motor. However, while doing so, one will need to leave the cable connected. Finally, have the blower motor removed by unscrewing the 8mm bolts that secure the motor.

What will cause a Ford blower motor to fail to work?

If the blower is faulty or the brushes in it have got damaged, it can fail to work. One may have to troubleshoot the various components to find out the true cause of the problem. However, at times, this could also be caused by worn out or damaged connector pins.

What is the reason for a Ford blower motor to stop working at any speed even with a replaced resistor speed control?

The most common cause is a faulty blower motor. However, in some situations, it could occur due to lack of power or ground to the motor. To pinpoint the exact problem, check the blower motor for any power and ground issues using a voltmeter. If there is no problem with power and ground, the fault may lie with a bad blower motor and it may have to be replaced. An Expert can offer instructions on replacing it if required.

What could cause a Ford blower motor to stop functioning?

There are several reasons for this to happen. Have the motor tested for power and ground. If it checks out alright, it could point to a defect in the motor.

If there is no power to the blower motor, it could be caused by a faulty wire or fuse. Alternatively, a lack of proper ground could point to a defective blower resistance or motor switch.

A proper diagnosis is always important to figure out the true cause of a particular problem. Many times, a person may have a problem with their Ford blower motor which they may fail to fix on their own. In this situation, hiring a mechanic or taking insight from an Expert is what is needed as they can offer the correct procedures and tests required to fix the issue. At times, they may also provide additional information that is useful such as how to replace a motor or where blower motors is located in different Ford models. If you need clarification about specific issues related to Ford blower motors, ask an Expert. They can help you evaluate your case details and provide insights, information and suggestions to tackle your problems in a timely and cost-effective manner.
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