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Blood Transfusion Questions

What is a blood transfusion?

A blood transfusion is a procedure where new blood is pumped into the body through an intravenous line (IV). Blood transfusions are used to replace blood that is lost during surgery, serious injuries, or when the body cannot produce the right amount of blood. When there is a need for a blood transfusion, someone may have questions about this procedure. Read below where some questions about blood transfusion procedures are answered by Experts.

Can a drop in hemoglobin cause the need for a blood transfusion and is this caused by an iron deficiency?

When there is a drop in hemoglobin, there may be a need for someone to have a blood transfusion procedure. The drop in the hemoglobin can be because of an iron deficiency, but sometimes it may not have to do with the deficiency. Many causes for this condition and the need for a blood transfusion can be unexplained bleeding. Finding the cause of the bleeding may postpone future blood transfusions.

What happens when the wrong blood is used during a blood transfusion procedure?

When there is a blood transfusion procedure performed and the wrong blood is used, someone may have an allergic reaction within 24 hours of the procedure. Fever, chills and severe itching can all be signs the transfusion is wrong and treatment is needed.

Does a person need to have a blood transfusion when they are severely anemic and why?

When someone has severe anemia and the blood is unable to build in the body, there may be a need for a full-blood transfusion procedure. When the platelet count is low, the blood cannot build back up. When this occurs, this can cause the individual to become sick. When this happens, the only way for the blood to be replenished quickly is to have the blood replaced by a blood transfusion.

Can a thyroid condition cause the need for a blood transfusion?

When there is a thyroid condition, anemia can be a side effect of the thyroid condition. When the anemia becomes severe and the body cannot replace the blood fast enough, a blood transfusion may be needed to help rebuild the blood cells.

Is there a need for a blood transfusion when there is an iron deficiency and how does this help?

When there is an iron deficiency, severe anemia can be the result. When the body stops producing blood cells or the cells cannot rebuild fast enough, some people may need a blood transfusion. When the blood transfusion is completed, the new blood and cells can help the old ones to rebuild.

What are the levels of hemoglobin to signal the need for a blood transfusion?

Often, someone may not need a transfusion if their hemoglobin levels do not fall below 8. Once the levels get below 8, some doctors will perform a blood transfusion procedure. If the levels stay around 8, the procedure may not be needed.

A blood transfusion procedure may help save a person’s life if there are any issues with the blood not being able to build back up after trauma. When the need for a transfusion arises, questions about the procedure may need answers. When questions do arise, individuals can contact an Expert.
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