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Bleeding Disorders in Dogs

What are bleeding disorders in dogs?

There is a disease where a dog’s blood does not clot the way it should, these are typically called bleeding disorders. This could cause a dog to bleed profusely even if the dog barley bumped or cut itself. There are a few different causes of bleeding disorders such as, a decrease in the amount of blood platelets, non-functioning platelets, and many other things. For more information over bleeding disorder symptoms and bleed disorder treatments read below to find Expert answers.

What could cause a dog to have bleeding from the anus?

Usually when a dog is having anal bleeding the first thing that may come to mind may be colitis. This is an inflammation within the colon. This condition may be caused from a change in diet, or if the dog has become stressed abruptly. Other options may be a bleed disorder; these may typically be very serious. If there is any suspicion of a bleeding disorder, vet assistance may be very important. Another option may be the dog could have been exposed to a toxin such as rat poison.

Could a dog that has recently been spayed have a excessive bleeding from the vagina from the surgery?

In some cases, it may be possible that the surgery could have caused the dog to have excessive bleeding. The dog may have a bleeding disorder that the vet did not know about, so after surgery the dog may not be able to clot properly. Typically the most common cause of bleeding from the vagina may be a bladder infection. This may cause a dog to have blood seeping into the urine. If the bleeding is serious, it may be time to have the dog examined by a vet. The vet may be able to run blood tests, this may also rule out certain bleeding disorders or bladder infection.

Could a tick bite cause a dog to have excessive bleeding from their ear?

In some cases where a dog has been bitten by a tick, usually to have profuse bleeding the dog may also have a rash of some sort. If the dog is suffering from a tick bite, it may be necessary to have the dog seen by a vet. There may also be other things that could cause a dog to have an excessive bleeding such as bleeding disorders of some sort.

What is the most common cause for bleeding disorders in dogs?

Typically the most common reason that a dog develops a bleeding disorder may be from ingesting a toxin. Usually the toxin that is consumed may be rat poison; this may cause a dog to have liver disease. Bleeding disorders that are caused from ingestion of rat poison may usually be found in younger dogs. In some cases, bleeding disorders that are caused from toxins may be reversed if taken to a vet quickly to have the dog’s stomach pumped. The dog may also start to show signs of bruising or red spots on the skin or gums.

Bleeding disorders may typically be very dangerous for a dog if not treated as soon as possible. In some cases where a dog was not treated soon enough death may occur. Bleeding disorders may have several causes that some dog owners may not even be aware of. For more information over bleeding disorders contact an Expert for reliable answers.
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