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Bleeding Gums in Dogs

Often many pet owners look at their dog’s gums in order to determine the health of the dog. Often, the normal color of a dog’s gums should be pink and sometimes the gums may even be red. However, when a dog has some sort of medical problem, the dog’s gums may appear paler in color. When a dog’s gums are bleeding this is often an indication that there may be many different problems that may have been caused my external or even internal issues.

What are the bleeding gums causes?

When a dog is experiencing bleeding gums, the dog’s saliva may appear a red color. Often, when a dog’s gums are bleeding and the dog proceeds to swallow the blood, the dog may even vomit it back up considering blood may often irritate the dog’s stomach. Bleeding gums may have many different causes; below is a list of common causes of bleeding gums in dogs;
Periodontal disease
• Low dental hygiene
• Poisoning
• Chocolate
• Alcohol
• Antifreeze, or house chemicals

What are some symptoms of bleeding gums?

There may often be many different symptoms of bleeding gums in dogs. These symptoms include but are not limited to:
• Injuries in the mouth
• Broken teeth
Bad breath
• Different colored gums because of periodontal disease
• Red or swollen gums
• Pus pockets
Loose teeth
• Vomiting
• Confusion
• Not wanting to eat
• Lethargy
• Not wanting to exercise
• Falling down
• Lots of drooling
• Heavy saliva
• Receding gums

Bleeding gums in dogs may be a very scary situation and may cause many questions regarding the available treatments. Read below where many questions regarding bleeding gums in dogs have been answered by Experts.

What could be the cause of a two year old to have bleeding gums and eyes becoming red with no changes in behavior or eating?

In the case the dog has experienced some sort of trauma, the bleeding gums and the red eyes may be a problem with the dog’s clotting system, and this may be because of the platelets. In some cases, this condition may be known as Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia. Also, this may mean that the dog’s immune system is damaging the dog’s platelets, and this may often be caused by some sort of an infection. When there is a case of no platelets being present, or in some cases too low, individuals may see bleeding gums as well as red eyes. Also, there could be many other different causes. In most situations, individuals will need to take the dog to the vet in order to have blood work done to find out the cause.

What kind of antibiotic and dosage is recommended for a 7 pound Yorkie that has bleeding gums when doing oral hygiene?

In some cases, a dog that is having bleeding gums may need to have a professional cleaning under anesthesia by a vet. However, in some cases an antibiotic that is commonly used in this situation would be Clindamycin. As for the dosage, the recommended dose may be 2.25-5 milligrams per pound the dog weighs twice a day for 7-21 days. So with the dog weighing 7 pounds, the dog would need to take 25 milligrams twice a day.

When a dog has bleeding gums, the cause may be hard to determine considering there are many different causes for bleeding gums. In the case a dog has bleeding gums, an individual may need to have the dog seen by a vet as soon as possible. For more information pertaining to the treatments, symptoms, and causes, individuals may contact an Expert.
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