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Bladder Problems

The bladder is a sack found behind the pelvis that holds urine. The bladder walls stretch to hold different quantities of fluid. Also, the bladder has two valve openings that allow urine to flow through. When individuals experience bladder issues, they may begin to wonder about the treatments and causes. Read below where Experts have answered many commonly asked questions.

What causes burning in the bladder?

A burning sensation in the bladder can be caused by a few things. Below is a list of things that can cause sensations like this:
• Bladder infections
Kidney stones
• Diverticulum – which is tiny pockets that form inside the bladder or urethra
• And Inability to hold urine

If the tests for these conditions come back normal, there are some medicines that can help. Below is a list of medicines designed to prevent or stop infections that may be causing this:
• Prophylactics
• Hiprex
• Mandelamine
• Lactobacillus
• Acidophilus

What can be expected after bladder surgery?

Bladder surgery is normally an outpatient procedure. Before an individual is sent home, a catheter is put into place. Depending on the intensity of the surgery the catheter should stay in place for a couple days. Normally, catheters are small bags that can be worn and will need drained daily. Some blood can be seen in the bag as well s the urine after the surgery. In order to help fix this, it is important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Muscle relaxers are often prescribed to help relax and prevent bladder spasms. To prevent infection an antibiotic is usually prescribed. After being released, many patients can resume their normal routine. However heavy lifting and strenuous activity should be avoided until the catheter is removed.

What is bladder-extrophy?

Bladder-extrophy is a rare condition where part of the bladder is visible on the outside of the body. This is normally caused by the abdominal wall failing to close during fetal development. Often, this can affect the pelvic region and the outer reproductive organs of both males and females. Diagnosis of this condition is next to impossible during pregnancy; because of this bladder-extrophy is often only recognized after birth. Usually this condition can be treated with a series of surgeries. The first stage is to place the bladder and urethra where it should be and close the abdominal wall. The first surgery usually takes place when the individual is between the ages of six and twelve months. Around the time, the patient begins toilet training. The second procedure is to restore the neck of the bladder, which is where the urine passes through. Occasionally these procedures can be carried out at the same time, but this can rarely be done. Even if the surgery is a success, patients can still experience long-term side effects.

What causes a man’s bladder to secrete sludge?

When the bladder secretes sludge like matter, it is often the result of an infection that causes urine to be blocked in the bladder. Prostate problems can often cause this to happen in males.

Will the bladder ever regain elasticity after it is lost?

After bladder elasticity is lost there is no way to restore it without catheterization. Some patients have experienced enough bladder restoration by using this method, to be able to stop catheterizing. Prostate obstruction is the main cause of bladder elasticity problems.

When the bladder is functioning properly urine passes through with no problems at all. But at times something can interrupt this process. When questions arise about bladder related problems, turn to the Experts that can help answer these questions and more.
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