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What is a Bladder Neck?

bladder neck is referred to as the top of the bladder which is part of a urinary bladder adjacent to the prostate gland found in individuals.

What is bladder surgery?

Bladder suspension is a type of surgery that aids in placing a drooping bladder back to the upright position. This type of surgery is performed in order to help treat urine leakage when someone sneezes, laughs or even coughs. This condition is referred to as incontinence and can be very embarrassing. Childbirth and even the different hormonal changes that are related to menopause cause an individual to lose their muscle tendency; and this can lead to incontinence.

If someone still leaks urine after a bladder neck closure, augmentation and mitrofanoff, can it be repaired?

After the procedure the functioning of the bladder can vary, so the individual may still need more time to heal. However, the individual may need to be placed on a different medication. In order to find the exact cure to this issue, an individual should contact a urologist about interstim therapy. This type of therapy can help stimulate the nerves within the sacrum that helps control the bladders functions.

If transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) and dilation have failed, are voiding issues caused by TURP scars or by a bladder neck obstruction?

If an individual has had a bladder neck obstruction after a TURP and the dilation has failed; then in many cases a bladder neck incision would be needed as the next possible course of action. After this is done, the individual may also need a bladder neck resection. If the TURP procedure went well but the individual experienced severe symptoms, this is an indication of prognostic. Otherwise, if this is not the case, the individual could have a test known as Video Urodynamics which is a bladder pressure test that is performed in order to confirm the obstruction and the video will show if this obstruction is within the bladder neck or prostate.

What is the difference between bladder neck dyssynergia and detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia?

Bladder neck dyssynergia normally is present in younger men and can be related to the incomplete opening of a bladder neck during urination. DESD (detrussor external sphincter dyssynergia) is considered a serious condition that in seen in individuals who have a spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis. 

However, these are two different conditions and are normally diagnosed when seen by a urologist regarding the person’s past health and urodynamic testing. 

A bladder neck is a part of the bladder that many individuals are not well aware of, which is until some issue arises. Often, when someone becomes older, after childbirth or during menopause, individuals can experience episodes of an uncontrolled bladder. This is where the bladder neck comes in and issues begin to arise. For more information regarding the neck of the bladder, is issues and treatments, individuals can contact an Expert.

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