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Dog Birth Related Questions

The birth of a puppy is something that dog owners often have to deal with, especially dog breeders. A responsible owner will need to be prepared for when dog birth occurs and any problems that may come up. The first things that an owner will need to be aware of are the signs of dog birth. Knowing these will allow an owner to be able to keep a time frame of how long the birth is taking, and also detect any complications. Below are answers from Experts to questions that individuals have asked about dog birth.

After dog birth, what could hard teats be?

If the teats -- or glands as they are sometimes called -- are swollen after dog birth, but are still producing milk, the individual will need to make sure that the puppies are nursing adequately. This swelling without the presence of redness and warmth is in most cases a sign that the glands are full. For the dog’s comfort, the owner can apply a warm compress to the swollen glands. Expressing milk out of the glands can also increase comfort for the mother dog. Owners of female dogs that have given birth should maintain a careful watch upon the glands to make sure that they do not become red, hard, and warm as these can be the signs of mastitis.

During dog birth, what does a small sac protruding mean?

During dog birth, a small sac protruding signifies the birth of a puppy. If the sac makes no progress further out, or the mother dog shows signs of straining, a veterinarian may need to be called. Once a dog goes in to labor a puppy should be born within four hours. If this does not happen, a veterinarian will need to be contacted. A puppy may be too big and can get stuck, or may be coming out the wrong way or at a wrong angle.

After dog birth if the mother is not feeding the puppies, could this be due to tiredness?

After dog birth, especially after a large litter, it is common for the female dog to be very tired. If the mother is not encouraging the puppies to feed and nurse, the owner can assist with this by placing the puppies on the mother’s teats. If this is not effective, the owner can also help take care of the new puppies by nursing them with puppy milk replacer at least every two hours. Also on top of being fed, the puppies will also need assistance in going to the bathroom, since the mother does this by licking the genitals of the puppies. The owner may use a warm moist wash cloth to accomplish this.

Is vomiting and diarrhea normal after dog birth?

In many cases, it is not common for the mother dog to have vomiting and diarrhea or very soft stools after dog birth. These two symptoms can be cause for concern, and may require a veterinarian opinion. Such things that could lead to these symptoms are an infection of some kind in the mother’s system, or even a complication from the pregnancy or delivery. Medications that are not available over the counter may be necessary.

What are some dog birth signs that mean the dog needs assistance?

Some dog birth signs that an owner should be aware of that may mean that the dog birthing may need help are contractions that have lasted over an hour without a pup coming out. A situation like this can be constituted as an emergency. A pup that has been stuck half in and half out may need to be pulled out, being careful to pull with the contractions. If the owner has tried to assist by pulling the puppy and the puppy does not come out, then the puppy may be stuck and a cesarean may need to be performed by a veterinarian. If the dog has birthed a puppy or two and continues to have contractions a veterinary exam may be warranted to make determine whether all of the puppies have been delivered or if there are puppies that still need to be delivered.

Many individuals deal with dog birth, whether as a breeder or as owner of an unexpected dog that came into heat and become pregnant. Dog birth is not something to take lightly. If the individual is not paying attention to their dog while giving birth, many complications can arise. People are often not aware of the signs a dog can have while going into labor making questions about dog birth questions quite common. For more information contact Experts for fast and reliable answers about dog birth issues.
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