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Bipolar Disorder Related Questions

What is a bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is often referred to as manic-depressive disorder. This condition is known to cause mood swings. Normally, when an individual is feeling depressed they can feel lonely, hopeless, sad and even lose interest in some of their favorite activities. Then, when their mood changes they can begin to feel energetic. As for how many times someone can experience mood swings, this can vary. Some people experience mood swings around the holidays, or when reminded about a lost loved one. However, other individuals can have mood swings multiple times a day.

What are the cause of bipolar disorder?

The exact cause of this condition is still yet determined. However, there are a few things that lead individual to believe the reason bipolar disorders occur. These reasons are as followed:
• Physical changes in the brain
• A chemical imbalance in the brain
• Hormones
• Inherited from family members
• Abuse
• Loss of a loved one

When people begin to feel depressed and then energetic, they may begin to wonder what is wrong with them. Often, when bipolar disorder is thought to be present or when someone is diagnosed many questions can arise. Read below where many commonly asked questions have been answered by Experts.

For someone who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder can they take valium?

Typically, those individuals who are diagnosed with bipolar they can take valium. However, the issue with valium is because this drug can become addicting and misused. Many individuals who are bipolar develop a satisfaction seeking behavior and this can cause the individual to abuse prescription medications. It is often recommended for those thinking about taking valium after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder should consult with their doctor.

Does medication need to be taken for bipolar disorder even with no episodes?

When diagnosing bipolar, this is where there is an imbalance in the brain that often medication can correct and help prevent episodes of mania and depression. So, often medication is needed. Medication can prove to be helpful to individuals suffering from this condition. In the case a certain medication does not help, the individual can be prescribed mood stabilizers. Whether someone is experiencing episodes of bipolar, the individual should continue to take their prescribed medication unless directed by their doctor.

Can someone be born with bipolar disorder or do they develop this condition as they grow up?

A bipolar disorder is considered to be a brain based condition. There can be genetic reasoning behind this disorder, but it can become worse because of stress or an unstable environment. It is considered to be uncommon for an adult to suddenly experience symptoms of bipolar. However, there is some evidence that some medications that are used can cause someone to make manic or manic like symptoms for bipolar individuals. Normally, individuals are born with bipolar and can become worse with the environment in which the individual lives in.

Bipolar disorder can be a complex condition that can cause many concerns and questions for an individual. Questions about bipolar medication, the causes and how this disorder is developed can cause stress for someone. For more information or answers to these questions and many more, individuals can contact an Expert.
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